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The New "Seventh Guardian": Mila becomes suspicious of Sampaio's lie

After Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso), the Sampaio round (Marcello Novaes) has reached Serro Azul in his nine new "Seventh Guardians" novel. Skolily Valentine driver (Lilia Cabral) will try to convince everyone that he is there to replace Egidio (Antonio Calloni), a good boy biological father, at the watch post after the call. And this will be Milo (Zeze Polessa) who does not trust the names of strangers. This scene begins next Monday (19), Daniel Kasrou, television interviewed this week on Wednesday (14th). In an attempt to deceive the villagers, Sampaio even narrates the same story as his master's son.

Sampaio claims he does not know why he is in town

The driver's plan is one: to discover the reason that Gabriel left Yanna Lavigne moments before the wedding and travel to Serro Azul. For this purpose, he is looking for Mila, the guardian of another of Aguinaldo Silva's plot. "What do you want to know?" Requests the owner of an esoteric product. "The reason why I came to stop at Serro Azul is someone who takes me to this city and holds me there and why she brought me," said Valentine's employee. "From what I said, you just go and it takes a bit of time," adds that a woman who some people see as a witch adds. "This is what I said to not cause interest, but that's not true," says Sampaio.

Sampaio hides Milu: "A strange force brought me here"

One of the guardians of the village source does not succeed and continues to press the driver. "And why did you decide to seek me to tell me who she is?" He insists. "Since I have heard very well about him, let's say, qualities … And I decided to ask for help. I want to know why this strange force led me to Sero Azul and will not allow me to leave here," the villain again lied. And Milu continues to insist: "Have you tried?" "Several times, but every time I got to the top of the mountain, where the sign says" Welcome to Serro Azul ", I really do not know what it gives me, but the fact is that I can not continue. An opponent of the plot with praise for a couple "Luzbrill".

The cat makes Mile suspect Sampaio

On suspicion Mila asks Sampaio to give him more details and the villain decides to repeat what happened with Gabriel, the young man became more involved in Marina Ruy Barbosa, although he rejected the redhead. "I got my usual little beast and suddenly … Although I never came here, I dreamed of this city, I saw a sign with her name." And when I awoke, I was completely absorbed. I got here all night and at dawn, "he says." Before all this happens … Do you have a cat? "He asks in esoteric. Because he does not know the story of Leon, the leader does not know what to answer, leaving Milu suspicious.

Sampaio does not convince Milu

"Would that have happened?" Ask a Valentine's employee. "I'm asking you," answered the host. In fact, I do not remember most of the events that happened to me on the same day, just a voice, and she told me that there was a treasure, "she says defensively. Milo is not convinced and decides to outsource." In fact, I still do not know, but I'll try find out, stay calm, and now, if you refuse my assistant will be coming soon, so I understand that you intend to stay discreet. Speaks After Sampaio returns to him, an esoteric conversation has his pet-owl. "What do you think, Minerva?" He asks.

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