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The Bolsonar team did not find that BNDES has paid a truck and Eike Batista has canceled it

Author Alexandre Aragão

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In November

The chair of the Jair Bolsonar (PSL) Transition Group did not find hundreds of cars refused by Eike Batista and financed by BNDES (National Bank for Economic and Social Development). Videos that circulate on social networks with false information in signatures are in fact an excerpt from the December 2016 television report on the decline in soybeans in Paris, which reduced the demand for wagons to a local carrier, the owner of which shares with Eike only the surname Batista.

The trucks in the video are owned by the transport manager Batista Duarte and are located in the city of Novo Progresso, southwest of Paras, on the side of the BR-163, reported by TV Progresso, a regional branch office. At that time, business owner John Baptist said that the vehicles were discontinued because the soybean culture was lower than expectations. Despite his surname, he is not affiliated with Eike Batista.

Published on Saturday (10), one of the Facebook video versions already has just over 130,000 views and 13500 shares. This and other reports marked the same content To the facts using the FALSO stamp of social network verification tool (understand how it works).

A dozen disinformation pieces were also sent To the facts in WhatsApp as a test tip. To participate, just send a message with your name to (21) 99956-5882.

Below, check in detail what we tested.


The Bolsonar team found 700 cards, paid with BNDES money and plated on Eike Batista.

In various Facebook and WhatsApp news reports, the reproduction of the 2016 Progressive television report fragments is always associated with a legend filled with false information. The text boasts that it was the Bolsonar Transition Team, which found "700 stops with BNDES labels owned by Eike Batista." According to a fake piece, the trolley was funded by the bank for R $ 150 million, they would have "seized the justice" and "they were thrown away by that time." None of this is true.

The trucks are owned by Transportadora Batista Duarte, not owned by Eike Batista. In the progress report, the real owner of the company, John Baptist, said the fleet was stopped because the region's yield was less than expectations. "The lack of product during the planting of soy was due to a lack of rain, and in itself it disturbed the corn window," he said.

"When it was in mid-September [de 2016], Pará I did not have a product for the corridor. Since January of this year I had an agreement with Bunge (multinational food company) [2016] By December 2017, gentlemen's agreement took place between Batista and Bunge, and we stopped ", continued Batista. For the reason [Transportadora] Batista [Duarte] stopping is nothing more than a lack of product in the region. "

In addition, the original version of the video, which was published with false information, is available on YouTube, and was published in October 2016, two years before Bolsonar was elected president.

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