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The author will explain how Karola is Laureth's daughter's second sunshine


Laureta (Adriana Esteves) and Carlo (Deborah Secco) in the second sunshine

Laureta (Adriana Esteves) and Carlo (Deborah Secco) in the second sunshine

The news that Deborah Secco is the daughter of Lauret (Adriana Esteves) The second sun was widely criticized and questioned by the young critics.

The revelation will take place in the following chapters, and author João Emanuel Carneiro promised to explain how it was possible, since both appear at almost the same age.

According to Extra's newspaper, Dulce (Renata Sorrah) will reveal to Karol that she is Lauret's daughter. At first, the bitch will not believe it, but the cat will deliver her favorite childhood child. So, Lucy's contender will begin to remember the moments that took place in this house.

After the opening, Karola settled with Lauret's accounts. Caffeine will discover that Severo (Odilon Wagner) misused her and had a 15-year-old daughter. When Karola became 3 years old, the villain took her to the orphanage.

The mistake on the scene makes the Second Sun again jocis again among the viewers

"You just took me from this monastery because I became a good business for you, a young woman … Besides making money from me, turning the money, you still had the money and the benefits of this opponent's old man!" Karola will clear.

Karola is his daughter?

At the time of the visit, it was harsh that Karola was Agenora's daughter. At that time, the TiTiTi magazine reported that the conservative father Rosa (Leticia Colin) and Nanda Costa abandoned the scheme and sold it for prostitution. Even before Segundo Sol started, speculation was made about a possible novel between Karol and Lauret. Now we know the relationship between the two.

Letícia Colin appears blonde in the final solar stage

Last week

Hawk's family will be shocked because Karol's revelation is Lauret's daughter. Even Nana (Arte Salles) will note that the pimple is not old enough to be her mother. "But Lauret is not old enough to be Karol's mother," he says. Roberval (Fabrício Boliveira) will tell you how things happened. "Laureate was Carol, when she was very young, she was pregnant Severo after her father arrested the dictatorship and her mother was deplorable," he discovered.

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