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The action explores the recommendations of politicians on the Senate resolution in County Dublin Hotels


The Federal Police are conducting an operation on Thursday morning to investigate alleged bribes paid by Odebrechts to Senator Romero Jucá (MDB-RR) in exchange for a 2012 Senate decision limiting the so-called "fiscal war in ports." Nine searches were issued in San Paulo and a confiscation order.

However, Jucá is not directly oriented to the operation of this holding, known as Suspension. This operation is part of an investigation that has already been initiated in the Supreme Court, in which the senator and two other senators are examined. The goals of this farm, which are kept secret, are people who would have benefited from the resolution adopted by the Senate.

According to PF, the senator illegally receives $ 4 million in Odebrecht. However, Cláudio Melo Filho, former director of Odebrock's institutional relationship, said in a statement that the Jucá pass was R $ 15 to R $ 16 million. Cláudio confirmed that Jucá was a politician with whom she had more relationships. "He carefully focused on the company and solved the problems."

Romero Jucá stated in a statement that he was not targeted at an operation that was launched today. According to the text, the senator has already submitted all explanations for the resolution (read below).

In addition to Jucá, the investigation is being investigated by Senator Renan Calheiros (MDB-AL) and former Senator Gim Argello.

At the request of the Attorney General, Raekel Dodgs, the execution orders were presented by the rapporteur in the STF, Minister Edson Fahin.

According to PCR, unwarranted payments were mentioned in three-person statements, including Marcelo Odebrecht. The performers told the investigators that he had spoken with members of the federal government who had indicated that they could "work on this issue in the Senate". The documents leading to the investigation show that payments were made in kind and were initiated shortly after the confirmation of the issue by the Senate, which took place on April 24, 2012.

Odebrehta's structured operations sector was also coordinated by co-operation partners. Fictitious service contracts were signed to provide legal expression and justify the transfer of value. "With this smart money laundering scheme, the Odebrews delivered to Doleiro, who goes to the Brazilian authorities for money and at the same time burdens the origin of cash," said Dodge.

Investigators have already gathered evidence of corruption and money laundering practices.

All orders from the Prime Minister are for search and seizure and are issued in the following cities:

  • 7 Sao Paulo;
  • 1 in Santos;
  • 1 Campo Limpo Paulista.

In the capital of San Salvador, the Federal Police headed Oedbrecht's headquarters, Marginal Pinheiros, and offices in the Itaim Bibi West area.

"The Senator had already provided all explanations on PRS 72/2 already in August. In fact, during the presentation of the PRS, the Senator, the head of government subsequently briefed the PRS on the request of Minister Mante. During the PRS presentation, various industry representations were spoken, as it is perfectly normal and it's happening in all the democracies in the world. "

"This is the role of the legislature, and the attempts by some MPs to criminalize this policy are starting to dismiss the Supreme Court, which recently did not receive a complaint against the senator, believing that the senator acted as a member of the legislature. As for the PRS 72, the issue was high in the public interest. But the Defense wants to explain that it is not the senator who was responsible for the discussions on the approval of the project, the Senator is no longer the head of government, while other Senators have entered into negotiations with representative sectors, but this fact does not indicate any violations. To be criminally liable for parliamentary activity, the democratic legal situation must be overcome, "says Juca's defense statement.

The operation involving Romero Jucá executes search and confiscation orders for SP

The operation involving Romero Jucá executes search and confiscation orders for SP

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