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Tatar Werneck Lady Night return to the air


Tatá Werneck with Tiago and Patricia Abravanel (Photo: Gianne Carvalho / Multishow)Tatá Werneck with Tiago and Patricia Abravanel (Photo: Gianne Carvalho / Multishow)

Lady Night Return – Tonight Multishow – The Legion of Fame awaits you. The previous two seasons are beloved, are reminded and still play on the Internet. Three of the new episodes have been Multishow Play since last Friday. Tatá Werneck takes one of the paintings created, such as "An Interview with a Specialist". There is a new idea or two, but in general it is the same format as before, and there are no shortages, because the team won and was still breath. In the replay mode Tatá came to the show, speaking with Cid Moreira, the voice of Globo's trademark. This is what Patricia and Tiag Abravanel then received. The presence of Silvio Santos's daughters and masters is a prerequisite for many games involving Globo and SBT. In the second episode, the survey is Juliana Paes, very sympathetic, available for spooky jokes, whose presentation takes place without the slightest ceremony, with intelligence and perfect time. The next show with Angelica is the best of three, probably due to the main breeds created by the parties.

"Lady Night" is a script attraction, but it's designed to look purely impromtu. Tata can handle the trick of naturalness when the conversation floods well. However, if the chat is not so convenient, the viewer notes that she has read the text. This happened with Patricia Abravanel. This is not a serious violation because script Is good. But perhaps it would be wiser to edit Angelica.


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