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Superbacteria: Where they come from, how they live and multiply

Resistance to antimicrobials is real, and it is already a major problem for health authorities

12.11.2018. – 21:07:27.

Bacteria that become stronger due to antibiotic use in the wrong way. What may sound like an alarming prophecy is indeed the reality of health systems around the world. Resistance to antibacterial agents, especially antibiotic resistance, is a concern for both developed and developing countries. The problem is more serious in places where the use of antibiotics is not well controlled or controlled.

An explanation for the emergence of more resistant bacteria is the theory of natural selection theory developed by Charles Darwin. When exposed to antibiotics, a small group of stronger bacteria can survive and then repeat. This means that bacteria that are more resistant to each generation are caused by other bacteria that are also resistant.

If the micro-organism is resistant to one or more three or more categories of antimicrobials, we say it is multi-persistent. This impedance may arise from a mutation that gives the microorganism the ability to resist the drug. This can also happen with the exchange of genetic material between common microorganisms and resistant microorganisms.

The problem is more common with antibiotics, but it also affects antiviral, antifungal and antiparasitic agents. The common name for all these medications is an antibacterial agent.

Therefore, the use of antibiotics that are appropriate for the type of infection at the right time and at the correct dose is crucial in order to avoid the survival of resistant bacteria.

In addition, other factors also contribute to the emergence of superbugs. Know the main:

  • Duration of treatment or less time than recommended by the doctor.
  • Use of antibiotics to treat non-bacterial infections, such as influenza.
  • The use of antibiotics is not indicated for the type of bacteria that causes the infection.
  • Inappropriate use of antibiotics in the veterinary field, especially in animals used for food.
  • Lack of good infection control in health care services.

Health care institutions are the health care institutions for antibiotic resistance. This is because they are places with a high concentration of micro-organisms that causes disease as well as various types of antibiotics.

Do you have antibiotics?
The main problem of resistance is the reduction of antibiotic options to treat infections caused by stronger bacteria. Every time a person becomes resistant to resistant bacteria, treatment becomes more difficult. If this person is infected with anti-rash bacteria, ie resistant to various antibiotics, it may not be possible to find suitable treatments.

What is becoming resistant? Bacteria or person?

Become resistant is bacteria. If a person undertakes to treat a resistant bacterium, treatment will be more difficult.

What can I do?
Measures to reduce antibiotic resistance depend on both patients and doctors and other healthcare professionals.

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