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Stan Lee, the creator of Marvel's greatest heroes, dies at age 95 – Galileo

Stan Lee: Learn more about Marvel characters (Photo: Wikimedia / Gage Skidmore).

Black Panther, Spider-Man, Hulk, Daredevil … these are just a few of the symbols created by Stan Lee, artist and legend of Marvel. The artist died on Monday (12th) at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, California. The information was confirmed by the artist's daughter on this site TMZ.

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Stanley Martin Liebe, born in New York in December 1922 in the United States, grew up in consuming literary and film classics and worked in a number of areas before working at the age of 17 at a publisher, who will become Marvel.

In recent years, he has suffered from various illnesses, such as pneumonia and vision problems.

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Recover career icons:

1 – Stanley grew up dreaming of books and movies
During her childhood, Liebe's mother, Celia, encouraged her to read classic literary works such as Mark Twain, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.

He also loved films by Australian actor Errola Flyn, who became famous for fantasy and adventure production as Robin Hood's Adventures (1938) and Don Juan Adventures (1948).

2 – Before Marvel, he did a bit
Stan's interest in art began in his childhood, but continued during teenage years, when he continued to write without interruption, dreaming of writing the next "great American novel".

For her career, however, was a strange starting point: writing pregnant women to the newspaper and releases about the US National Tuberculosis Center. The young person also provided other tips, for example, as an office boy, food supply man and newspaper subscriber.

3 – His first entry into the comic book was the story of Captain America in 1941
At the age of 17, Stan began working on Timely Comics, which in 1960 became Marvel Comics. In 1941, at the age of 19, he wrote a comic book (third edition Captain America) for the first time. At that time, the publishers were undergoing a number of structural changes, and the young man left his directors to such an extent that his work was of a high quality and he was promoted as an actor.

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4 – He almost refused to write comics
In the early 1960s comics were considered very childish, and for some editors this meant that they should be as simple as possible to understand them. Stan Lee did not agree with this logic. When DC released the Justice League comic book series, editor Martin Goodman asked Marvel artists to create a hero team to compete with the competition.

Dissatisfied with the publisher's work, Lee decided that the story of his new character team, Fantastic Four, would be full of conflicts between characters and unlike anything that had ever been seen before. The comics were successful, and the new format created by the artist, included in other Marvel types, for example X-Men and Myers.

The fantastic four in the first edition changed Marvel's story (Photo: Divulgação)

5 – Stan created some of his favorite characters
Stan Lee, in collaboration with illustrator Jack Kirby and writer Larry Lieber, has created some of the iconic superheroes in history. Among them are Black Panther, Spider-Man, Hulk, Strange Doctor, Fantastic Four, Daredevil, X-Men, Ant-Man, Iron Man and Thor.

Stan Lee with fans in 2011 (Photo: Flickr / Susumu Komatsu)

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6 – Stan has already written DC
DC, the DC Comics has invited writers to write a comic book series Just Imagine in the beginning of 2000, in which he created alternative versions of publishers such as Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern and Flash.

Just Imagine Green Lantern edition cover, written by Stan Lee on DC Comics (Photo: Divulgaon)

7 – He is the favorite Marvel movie Easter Egg
Marvel's cinematic universe is filled with comic book heroes. And if you pay attention, you will understand that the old good Stan shows all of them. See a collection of some of these entries.

And it does not stop: it even appeared in programs outside of Marvel University, for example The big Bang Theory for instance.

8 – Already accused of harassment
British tabloid at the beginning of 2018 Day mail published a story stating that Stan Lee had intrigued several nurses that he had to take to care for him at home. "The 95-year-old creator was probably offended and harassed by a new group of nurses who was hired to take care of her," said the paper. "He would have been asked to get oral sex in the shower and walk around the house naked."

In this regard, the vehicle also indicates that the company employing the nurses could be sued in court for Lee. "We did not know that the police were considering these issues or rejecting these issues, and also acted in accordance with legal requirements," said the artist's lawyers. "Instead, Mr Lee has received a number of demands for cash payments and the threat that, if he does not go forward, the woman who accuses her will reveal everything to the media. Lord Lee will not be raped or deceived and will not give anyone money because he does not do anything. "

9 – He is believed to have been a blow to former members and colleagues
Stan Lee has suffered financial losses since the end of 2017. In December, he contacted the police when, without his consent, 300,000 dollars were withdrawn from his account, and in February 2018, another 1.4 million were stolen from the artist's savings. At that time several family members were dismissed.

One of the suspects is former Lee and his daughter partner, who helped them coordinate the "Worthy Hands" NGO. It is believed that in October 2017 the businessman would have falsified medical documents by asking the writer's nurse to perform a blood test. A man would have signed Stan Lee's signature with his blood in various of his signed comic books, which would be sold too many.

10 – Fox plans to create a movie based on the life of a comic book
Fox, now a Disney movie maker licensed by most of Marvel's heroes, plans to create a biographical inspiration from Stan Lee's life. There is not much information about the project, but only in the 1970's and Leonardo DiCaprio dreamed of interpreting the icon.

Stan Lee in 1975 Comic Con (Photo: Wikimedia / Alan Light)

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