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São Carlos has 11 cases from Dengue and Prefecture handled by Vila Prado


São Carlos has 11 Dengue and Prefecture Cases Vila Prado - Credit: Press Office Credit: Press Office

The city of São Carlos organizes a mobilization day against Aedes aegypti mosquito, which on Saturday, February 2, is broadcast by Vila Prado to Deng, Zik, Chikungun and Febre Amarela.

The epidemiological surveillance endemic of the Combat agents and the concentration of volunteer officials will be from. 7.00 Praça da Igreja Santo Antônio. In the morning, the entire citizen and dealer will be informed throughout the region. Agents will also block and inspect the sites.

Vila Prado was chosen because this week was confirmed 1 autophonic case of Dengue in the neighborhood. São Carlos has 11 Dengue cases, approved in 2019, with 8 imported and 3 autochthonous, 3 contracts concluded in the municipality. In 2018, 26 cases of Dengue disease were confirmed, 16 were local and 10 were imported; and 3 cases Chikungunya imported.

Even with only 11 records, epidemiological surveillance has been warned because in the nearby municipality of Araraquara, which closed in 1318 with 1313 confirmed Dengue fever, only 354 cases were confirmed in the first 30 days of 2019.

Refers to geographical proximity and intense traffic between the two municipalities, not just the second serotype registered by Araraquara. "São Carlos had no record of serotype 2, but the population is susceptible. The risk of setting up a type 2 virus in the city is high and can mean a large number of serious illnesses. In 2015, when we had an epidemic, the prevalence was in serotype 1. If a type 2 serotype enters the municipality, the number of serious illnesses will increase, ”said Denise Scatolini, Head of Health and Information Surveillance.

The City of São Carlos, through the Communications Department, is also launching an advertising campaign to combat Aedes aegypti in the next few days. The material will be broadcast on television, radio, internet and social networks. The goal is to alert the public.

Activities are carried out by the Health Surveillance Secretariat (Health Monitoring Department), Education, Public Services, with the participation of other folder servers.

Daily care – People need to be aware of simple precautions such as removing water from vegetable dishes, removing or placing tires on covered areas, cleaning the yard, removing materials that may accumulate in water, cleaning the roof rails, washing pool water treatment, and allowing agents to fight endemic diseases residential, commercial and industrial properties.

Epidemiological surveillance also warns that the incidence of larvae is inside the dwellings, in the pots of the pots, in the refrigerator trays, in the raw and generally unusable aquariums, so it is important that the agents are well received and follow the guidelines.

The municipal health department advises people who have any signs of illness, such as high fever associated with headaches, prostration, muscle pain, joints, behind the eyes, redness of the body, and itching, first to look for basic units. or the health of the closest family members.

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