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Rifle prize? Sobis analyzes Cruzeiro ‘s goalkeeper’ s goal and says: “The sign has already been accepted” cruise


The first goal from Cruzeiro’s middle square, the new Mineirão, came out. It was with who has been Raposa’s brightest event in the B series: Rafael Sobis. As soon as the net was balanced, requests for the striker to compete for the Puskas Prize – organized by FIFA to select the most beautiful Cruzeiro goal – have already been released. But the 35-year-old said it was not necessary. Already a “plaque” in the new Mineirão …

– That (Half Prize) is too much for me. The sign has already been accepted – said the attacker.

Still in an interview with Cruzeiro’s official channel, Rafael Sobis explained the decision to beat the midfielder.

– I think it showed that I was involved in the game, I had watched the goalkeeper before. The American goalkeeper was ahead in the last game. Glad that my courage reached the goal as a result. I am happy for the victory.

Cruzeiro x Brasil de Pelotas – Photo: Agência i7 / Mineirão

In an interview with Premiere, the attacker also replied before the match that Cruziro threw coarse salt on the Mineirão lawn. According to him, who is from Rio Grande do Sul, coarse salt is used only in barbecue.

– We have commented and watched the goalkeeper’s videos before, also during the game. I was lucky enough to get a bad pass and happiness to hit. I’m from Rio Grande do Sul, so coarse salt is only for me for a barbecue (laughs). I am not attached to it. He did not score for us, but we must respect it. Everyone has their own beliefs.

With only four games in which he wore a Cruzeiro shirt, he has already scored four goals after returning to Rafael Sóbis’ account. This has been crucial to Fox’s growth in the B Series.

Sobis says he knew the goalkeeper was ahead and celebrated: "Besides beautiful, important"

Sobis says he knew the goalkeeper was ahead and celebrated, “Besides being beautiful, it’s important.”

Five Star Partner – Cruzeiro – Photo: Disclosure

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