Saturday , March 6 2021

Ponte hits Coritiba, arrives for G4 for the first time in Serie B and sees a closer approach

Ponte Preta is the newest member of the Brazilian series B G4 (access area). The Camp Ambassador team won last year's Coritiba 2-0 on Tuesday at the Moisés Lucarelli Stadium on Tuesday. Meteoric rise, with the latest drawings and seven wins, 24 of which 24 were contested, adding 22 points.

As a result, Ponte Preta now has 59 points, and only two of his opponents in the fight for access can beat it, because CSA (59) and Avaí (57) rank each other. Goiás is 57. Coritiba was ranked tenth with 49.

Before approaching access, Ponte Preta entered the field with a clear intention to reach the G4. The Campinas team came straight from the start and took four minutes to open the scoring. Ruan recovers the ball in defense of the opponent, pulled out the speed, entered the square and crossed. Leandro Silva tried to conquer the basket and finish with his goal.

The second goal was not firmly in the next step. After Lucas Mineiro's cross, Ruan appeared in a small area and went over the gate. Coritib's answer was with Guilherme Parede. The attackers were awarded Renan Fonseca a yellow card after a busy free kick.

The shock did not stop the Black Sea bridge, making it the second place in the initial stage. Matheus Vargas was caught napping as Victor Rangel lifted a ball over him. Júnior Santos was the first to reach the corner kick, but his header was blocked by the keeper. The striker dominated and shook the net to overcome goalkeeper Rafael Martins.

Coritiba returned again better in the second half and made Ivan work immediately. Chiquinho was risky when he finished off a savage too. However, the bridge decided to complicate itself. João Vitor came with the only Matheus Bueno and ended his expulsion.

With a single player player, the Algerian Fox sends Coritiba into the attack. The club had a bomb, but it was difficult to create and somewhat endangered Ponte Preta, who almost won the third goal with Danilo Barcelos free kick, defended by Rafael Martins.

In the final stage of Ponte Preta on Saturdays at At 17:00, at Ressacada Stadium, Florianopolis (SC) faces Avaí. This is a direct confrontation for access. On the same day and on the same day, Coritiba takes Fortaleza Couto in Pereira, capital of Paraná, to complete the schedule.



BLACK BRIDGE – Ivan; Ruan, Reginaldo, Renan Fonseca and Danilo Barcelos; João Vitor, Lucas Mineiro and Matheus Wargas (Roberto); André Luís (Hyuri), Victor Rangels (Nathan) and Santos Junius. Technical: Gilson Klein.

CORITIBA – Rafael Martins; Leandro Silva, Rafael Lima, Alan Costa and William Matheus; Vitor Carvalho, Wellington Simião (Guilherme), Matheus Bueno (Jonathan Belusso) and Chiquinho (Nathan); Guilherme Parede and Alecsandro. Trainer: Algiers fucks.

GOLS – Leandro Silva (vs.), 4, and Junior Santos, in the first half in the 38th minute.

ARBITRATORS – Ricardo Marques Ribeiro (MG).

GOLD CARD – Nathan (Black Bridge); Guilherme and Rafael Lima (Coritiba).

RED CARD – João Vitor (Ponte Preta).

INCOME – R $ 131,560.00.

PUBLIC – 10,814 payments (11,684 on-site).

LOCAL – Moisés Lucarell Stadium, Campinas (SP).

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