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Not disturbing. PSA is an "open opportunity" – an observer

PSA is experiencing such a positive period under the leadership of Carlos Tavares, which the Portuguese leader has publicly accepted that he is going to switch to a collaborative or merger scenario with other car brands.

The acquisition of Opel / Vauxhall ended two years ago in an extremely successful operation, as the recovery plan in question had a positive balance a year ago and Opel's return to profit in 2018. t

Tavares "magic" had a noticeable understanding of the Peugeot family, which owns 12% of PSA shares, and Robert Peugeot confirmed that Tavares would be a "carte blanche" to move forward with new acquisitions. However, the Portuguese manager has not yet spoken about this topic. It did so in an interview with Autocar India, which did not deny interest in the brands of the Indian group Tata Motors.

According to Carlos Tavares, there have been no talks with Jaguar and Land Rover (JLR), although British producers are going through a difficult period of accumulating losses, assuming they need a capital of EUR 900 million. But even this (black) image does not undermine Tatu, who insists he reaffirms that she has no intention of getting rid of JLR.

It should be recalled that, knowing that PSA would be interested in strengthening its position by adding new brands to its brand portfolio, JLR was one of the groups reported as being of interest to the French conglomerate as well as to Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. (FCA). It turns out that in the case of the Italian-American group, the negotiations developed strongly to build a partnership in trams, which PSA should redirect to the Tata brand. No, according to Tavares: "We do not have a specific goal. But if there are possibilities, we will, of course, look at it." However, the executive member adds that this desire to grow cannot be a deviation of PSA. the fact that he already agrees to review the position of DS in the group if Jaguar and Land Rover – two builders – will be integrated. supplementsuch as DS.

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