Tuesday , September 28 2021

Mouro visits Petrobras and says it's affecting the state of the state

Photo: Luiz Chaves Palacio Piratini / Ag
Photo: Luiz Chaves Palacio Piratini / Agncia Brasil

The President-in-Office of the Commonwealth, Hamilton Mourão, attended the Senate Business Center's Petrobras Board of Directors on Thursday morning when he served as presidential and executive director. This is Jair Bolsonar's first government representative visit to the company's headquarters in Lapland, the central region of the city.

According to Petrobras, the visit lasted two and a half hours. The selected vice president participated in the presidency of the institutional video company, Ivan Monteiro, which shows the company's recovery and the last quarter's balance sheet of this week.

The visit was behind a closed door and there was no access to the press. Social networking general Hamilton Mourão wrote that "was satisfied and impressed" with the company's situation.

"This morning I am glad to visit Petrobras and hear a presentation from the board of directors of the Ivan Monteiro bureau on the company's situation. I was very impressed," said Mourão.


The company's third-quarter balance sheet was issued on Tuesday (6). Petrobras closed the third quarter with a net profit of R $ 6.6 billion, which is more than 2300% higher than R $ 266 million earned during the same period last year. In this way, the state-owned company concluded nine months of the year with a net income of R $ 23.6 billion, an increase of 371% over the same period in 2017.

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