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Mortgage facilitates settlement of overdue debts – 12.11.2018 – Market


Non-citizens who are online are exchanged online with an opportunity to pay off debts with a discount of over 90%. By September 1, Serasa Consumer is commissioned by Feira Limpa Nome.

It involves ten companies: Itaú, Santander, Net, Claro and Vivo.

In the latest Feirao release, about 1 million people debated debts within the Serasa platform. Valet Richards Ferreira Alves, 31, was one of them.

After losing his job in 2016 as an industrial fitting employee, and when he tried to start his own business unsuccessfully, he caught his credit and overdraft. The two debts amounted to $ 24 thousand.

The largest debt, ranging from R $ 20,000, dropped to R $ 1,500. The second Alvs managed to pay R $ 300, which in total fell by 92%.

Unemployment was also the reason why the bookkeeper Katia Benites (45 years old) has been suspended. In 2016 she closed personal loans, credit card debts and returned.

After partial debt cancellation, he failed to pay the card. Using the Serasa platform, the accountant managed to re-negotiate conversations between $ 1200 and $ 245 and make a cash payment.

According to Lucas Lope, director of Serapis Limpa Nome, of 61.4 million customers with a negative CPF, about 33 million businesses are indebted to companies participating in joint events.

Lopes says the proposed discounts are high due to the 13th payout. "It's a good time for those companies that are more likely to talk again."

The entire procedure is online. You must go to

Upon registration, the user will be redirected to a page listing the debts that can be negotiated with the companies involved. Creditors have service channels and, in some cases, pre-defined offers.

According to a recent survey conducted by Serasa Experian in September 2018, the number of criminal users in the country rose 1.51% last year, from 61.4 million to 60.5 million.

The debt totaled $ 274.1 billion in September, and an average R $ 4,462 per CPF. The age group with the most recent accounts lasts from 41 to 50 years and accounts for 19.8% of the total default rate.

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