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More than 270,000 people in Joinville are vaccinated against yellow fever

Confirmation of priman, who has been diagnosed with yellow fever in Paraná State, in a region close to the northern region of Santa Catarina, caused the proximity of the virus to Joinville and the importance of vaccination to immunize the population against this disease.

However, only 74,133 people have been vaccinated so far, which is 21% of the target. The goal is to reach around 350,000 people from a priority group of people aged nine months to 59 years. Demand is still low.

– To date, Joinville was not considered a vaccine recommendation area. But with the closeness of the disease, people should gradually seek immunization – says Sandrine Tauber, nurse at the Department of Immunization at the Health Department.

The Ministry of Health will increase awareness and understanding of the importance of the vaccine and the fight against mosquito Aedes aegypti, one of the main vectors of the yellow fever virus, breeding sites, additional tropical fever, Zica virus and Chikungunya fever.

The Joinville vaccine arrived routinely less than six months ago. Since last year, the Health Monitoring and Environment Monitoring Center has carried out a number of preventive measures and campaigns, including visits to homes and schools in rural areas, as well as monitoring and analyzing reports of sick or dead animals.

According to Secretary of Health Jean Rodrigues da Silva, the municipality is already mobilizing to step up its activities.

– Mobilizing our impact network and moving the team to attract vaccination rates.

The yellow fever vaccine is the only way to prevent the disease. It should be used in a single dose for all people aged nine months to 59 years. The Joinville vaccine is available in all basic health units (UBS) and in the Central Vaccine Room (Rua Abdon Batista, 172, Centro).

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