Monday , December 6 2021

Mayor Crivella promises Indian rally in Rio 2020


Formula Indy can return to Brazil in 2020. Mayor of Rio, Marcelo Crivella, has promised that the North American motor racing category will take place two years after Brazil's first race from 2013, the last time that Sao Paulo received the race.

Using Twitter, Crivella announced the completion of the test. On Wednesday, a video posted on the social network appeared on the mayor, along with Indian organizers, and even opened the race for Marquês de Sapucaí Sambódromo and Avenida Presidential Vargas portions.

"We get the Formula Indy organizers who will arrive in Sambadrome in 2020. I was in the project, I'm going to publish the races that we plan to do here in Rio. I'm sure you will come in the summer and you will enjoy it either on television or live. a great event in our city and will attract many tourists, "he said.

However, with the report, he wanted the Crivella recommendation to clearly show that the talks were not sealed. "Rio can return to the fast-paced motorcycle," he explained. According to a note sent to Country, which took place in the fourth was the presentation of the project by categories meritor.

If the hammer is defeated in favor of the test, in fact, as the main attraction will be a sambrodrome. "Half of the races will take place in a sambodrome (which is around the clock), and the public could follow it closely.

Rio is expected to benefit from India's presence. According to the City Council, the organizers of this category estimate the city's R $ 150 million tax and five thousand temporary jobs.

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