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Luz's father was the hearts of the forklift and infernizou Ondina · TV news

The enthusiastic and sporty profile will be passed to record scenes that will reveal how Luz (Marina Ruy Barbosa) was abandoned when she was a child Seventh Guardian. The author Aguinaldo Silva wrote that Ondin's former husband (Ana Beatriz Nogueira) had a face opera face. The details of the story will show that this man was a truck driver and he concluded that a pregnant woman had lost her vehicle.

The guardian of alcoholism and betrayal will indicate as factors that expelled him from his father Light from home. He then decided to make a change Undine. He kidnapped his daughter and left him in the middle of a forest in a storm-covered shirt with embroidery: LCG (Luis Carlos Góes).

The embroidery will be recognized in a pimple that will convince Sosthenes (Marcos Caruso) that she is indeed the mother of her creative granddaughter.

"When I met Louis Carlos he was driving a truck, he was beautiful, athletic, enticing, and only then I learned that he had a lot of mistakes, irresponsible, misleading … I was very young, naive. , "The guardian will tell Sosthenes.

The story will be in the air in 24, three chapters before she kills a serial killer. The red grandfather will ask if Ondin is married to Luz's father.

"We are not married, I wanted, but he always invented an excuse … He said," Leave me when I came back from the next trip. "There's my sixth month, he returned without cargo. He had lost his survivors in the game," says Ana Beatriz Nogueira.

A ruthless comeback

"One day I threw everything that was in his street and expelled the puppy's son from home." Then he attracted: he swore that if he is not he, I'm not going to stay with the girl, ”summarizes the redhead.

The reminder will show you the moment when the child was abandoned. The father of the scene will regret the kidnapping. "I do not know why I did this madness, I took you out of the house, now I do not know where to go I can not do with me What to do with you If I returned to Ondin, she condemns me and I am arrested. someone would find you and take you home, ”the man died.

He will kiss the child's forehead and go away in the rain. The baby crying will increase to Sosthenes tell me how you found a girl in the middle of a storm. Ondina will discover that she spent a lot of time looking for her daughter traveling from city to city until she gave up and became the owner of the Serro Azul brothel, not considering she was living with her stolen daughter.

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