Tuesday , August 16 2022

iPhone 12 Pro Max: The best phone of 2020 hasn’t evolved in design Review / Review


And here we have the most powerful and modern phone ever released by Apple. The wallet is even bigger thanks to the enlarged screen. But is it better than before? The iPhone 11 Pro Max remained at the top of our speed rating for years, and no Android could beat it. It was only at the end of 2020 that he had to hand over the wreath to his successor.

The new top of the Apple line provides a great multimedia experience in both picture and sound. It can run any app or game at maximum flow, but it didn’t have a 120 Hz screen to use. Apple considered it best to invest in 5G because it considered it a more urgent technology.

11 The Pro Max was the best iPhone battery life we ​​tested, but unfortunately the new one can’t beat it and even provides less autonomy due to the reduced battery size. Charging time is reduced, but the charger must be purchased outside, as the accessory is no longer in the box – the same goes for the headset.

How is Max different from others on camera? Only the main sensor, which is larger and allows better light input. This helps you capture clearer and less noisy photos at night. The LiDAR sensor is also in the Pro version, but it’s different from the traditional iPhone 12. Overall, it records great photos and outperforms Samsung’s competitors in a variety of settings.

The big question is: is it worth paying $ 10,000 for the iPhone 12 Pro Max? If you want the fastest phone with a good battery and great cameras, then this is a price to pay. Now, if you found it expensive, there are interesting alternatives that you can check out in our full review at the link below.

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