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In the second stage of the campaign, more than 133 thousand beef should be vaccinated


Exactly 123,246 heads of cattle (cattle and buffaloes) are vaccinated in the second stage of the foot-and-mouth disease vaccination campaign. At this November, animals should receive a vaccine dose from zero to 24 months. Information is from the Agricultural Defense Bureau (EDA) Catanduva serving 18 municipalities in the region.
"The national vaccination index in the first phase of the campaign, which was exceptionally extended to 15 June due to the paralysis of truck drivers, was 99.41% of the slaughterhouse stock of 10.8 million heads. It is anticipated that 100% of the vaccine will be vaccinated in November. older than 24 months, "said Fernando Gomes Buchala, coordinator for agricultural and livestock protection.
The overwhelming goal of achieving 100% of the herd in the first phase was fulfilled. In total, 2362 bovine animals and 15 buffaloes were vaccinated. The region is 130 080 bovine animals and 585 bufilons.
The second phase of the vaccination campaign for foot-and-mouth disease began on November 1 in the State of Sao Paulo and will last until November 30. 4.6 million bovine animals (bovine animals and buffaloes) vaccinated from zero to 24 months all over the country and vaccination against other species are prohibited.
According to veterinarian Joao Gustavo Loureiro, EDA Catanduva, the goal of agricultural protection is to stop the campaign in 2021. "There is no case of foot-and-mouth disease in the country for 22 years, so our goal is to stop the vaccination in 2021. The operation should continue to be controlled in our country, which will continue to control. This year, the country adopted a new immunization strategy against the disease in order to standardize the system with the calendar of other federation countries in order to In 2021, vaccination would be removed, "reports Loureiro.
The veterinarian explains that the inversion in the calendar was defined when the first step was taken in May with the vaccination of all bovine animals regardless of age, and the second stage was carried out in November with bovine vaccination from zero to 24 months old.
"The correction was made at the request of the Agriculture and Livestock Supply and Delivery Ministry (map) at the request of the Agriculture and Livestock State Secretariat, taking into account the legalization and consolidation of production sectors by publishing the Resolution SAA-55 on 1 November 2017," he says.
During the campaign against foot-and-mouth disease, all vaccines against brucellosis should be vaccinated for all bovine animals between three and eight months old.
"This vaccination can only be carried out by a qualified veterinarian in the Sao Paulo National Agricultural Protection Co-ordination," concludes Loureiro.
Vaccination is mandatory. I am not able to vaccinate and notify the breeder of a vaccination penalty of 5 Ufesps (R $ 128.50) per animal, if not vaccinated, and 3 Ufesps (R $ 77.10) per person for not being able to communicate. The value of each Ufesp fiscal unit in Sao Paulo is 25.70 rei.

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