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In the last chapter, the author kills the hero to save the Light

Aguinaldo Silva already knows that Seventh Guardian, will write heroic scenes for the person responsible for the Luz Rescuer (Marina Ruy Barbosa), but has not yet decided who will have this result. Gabriel (Bruno Gagliasso) or Junior (José Loreto): According to the author, one of the two heroes will die of a red man.

"I know that one of them will die to rescue Louis from death, and the other is the so-called" heroic death ". Gabriel or Junior? I really do not know. I know there are a lot of people on social networks who think Luz should be alone, "Silva said in an interview with O Globo in an interview with colleague Patricia Kogut.

It is clear that before he comes to this tense situation with Luz and Yuneni, Gabriel will be able to save the source and spoil the evil planes. Olavo (Tony Ramos). The guardian will sabotage the machines leased by the former Valentina (Lily Cabral) to scatter the source and pretend to allow only her mother to be released from prison.

Olavo, however, completes the novel without penalties. Aguinaldo Silva said the businessman would not be affected by his crimes and would earn even more money. He will benefit from another source of fluid that is as valuable as blue water protected by fellowship.

The author also discovered that the manor's basement, where Gabriel lives, has a great treasure. In addition, the young fountain is a deeper cave with Brazilian archaeological treasures.

"In a cave that has not yet been discovered under the house, someone will find an archaeological treasure that will prove that there was a good civilization in Brazil before the people we now know as Indians."

Another Silvas spoiler was related to a serial killer who scared the landlord's guardians. He discovered that Father Ramiro (Ailton Grace) would not be attacked and survived to tell the brotherhood of those who had chosen this mission. The seventh guardian ends in the 17th century.

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