Sunday , March 7 2021

Ibovespa has increased by 1.25%, increasing Petrobras and JBS

Sao Paulo – O Ibovespa which ends on Wednesday, September 14th, on the eve of the Brazilian holiday after the day of the transfer of signals during the day, at the end of the trading session accelerating the profit with the largest Petrobras Designed to vote for a cumbersome task and a nearly 16-year jump JBS after a quarterly result that exceeds expectations.

The Brazilian stock market index index for Ibovespa rose 1.25 percent to reach 85,973.06 points, after reaching 84,267.01 points in the worst trading session. The financial volume reached 19.6 billion sessions, which also characterized the term of the Ibovespa option contracts.

The financial volume reached a session of 15.49 billion, which was also characteristic of the expiration of Ibovespa option contracts.

Despite the high performance, analyst Régis Chinchilla of Terra Investimentos believes that Ibovets is still forced to outflank foreigners from risk positions around the world in search of safer assets such as the US Treasuries and the dollar, worried about other factors including the US interest rate hike process and global slowdown.

B3 data show that the net outflow of the Bovespa segment's foreign capital from 1.275 billion between November and 12. During the year, the balance sheet is negative at 7.18 billion times.

Along with this scenario, Chinchilla adds that uncertainties about important issues in the government transition process, such as welfare reform and fiscal issues in general, have generated market noise, which also comes from Jair Bolsonaro, chairman of the first stage of the team. "The transitional group is still making some noise in the political negotiations and has a secure and reliable link with the financial market," he says.

Investors also returned to a half-yearly revaluation of the MSCI Global Standard stock indices, which in the case of Brazilian documents included the arrival of the B2W Digital e-commerce company and outsourced EDP Energias do Brasil and Odontoprev tooth plan operators.


PETROBRAS PN rose by 3.55 percent, and the Senate supported it, pointing out that the draft law on a cumbersome employment contract that would allow the sale of surplus oil at a large auction in the previous salt region could be voted on in Parliament next week.

JBS rose by 15.74 percent to 11.40 in the run-up to the highest closing price since March 2017, before the corruption scandal caused by the company's enforcement ceiling. The jump in this session arose after the world's largest meat processing company surpassed expectations in the third quarter, including a leverage cut.

SUZANO on the second day of recovery after October's decline by more than 20 percent and in November during the first seven trading sessions – by 10.7 percent. During the year, the stock still accrued an increase of 110 percent, mainly due to the favorable expectations of merger with the rival Fibria, which was announced in March this year.

BRMALLS increased by 6.05% compared to the effects of the third-quarter balance sheet, which showed an adjusted net income of 123.4 million, which is 12% more than in the previous year due to a better financial result and a decrease in expenditure by default. The mall administrator also looks forward to a consistent result in the fourth quarter.

Heaven decreased by 5.21 percent to 9.83 times, the lowest and lowest closing prices of the session since October 2012, as market participants are still worried about the country's largest payment company with the threat of competition. BTG Pactual has recently reduced its earnings estimates from 2019 and 2020 to about 2.5 billion times in both periods. During the year, the accumulated stock loss was about 55 percent.

EDP ​​ENERGY DO BRASIL dropped by 4.8 percent in a half-yearly report on the MSCI Global Standard Indicators for radar, which excluded the electric bill from its composition.

DEAD dropped by 1.97 percent, weighing Ibovets, as the index included in the index was the same as Europe, which was also worried about the drop in demand from China's largest metal consumer in the world. The role of steelmakers was also repeated, with USAM PNA which leads to a loss closing with a negative change of 2.76 percent at the end of the trading session.

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