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Goiás wins Sampaio Corrêa and is approaching access


On Monday, Goiás took another important step to gain access to the national football elite. In the Olympic Stadium, the team beat Sampaio Corrêa 1-0, Giovanni got the goal. As a result, the team reached 57 points for the Ney Franco team and took on the Brazilian championship's B series vice president. The player opened the 35th round of the competition, which will be completed on Tuesday.

In the next round, Esmeraldino will begin Coritiba, Couto Pereira, on Friday following Couto Pereira's planned match. Sampaio will host Sao Bento on Saturday.

The game – The group, led by Ney Franco, dominated the beginning of the duel, and almost opened points with Lucan, which was received from Michael, while goalkeeper Andrey was a handsome defender. Alex Silva then tried to ride the bike, but Bruno Moura avoided attempting this line.

Goiás was better and lost the odds. Alex Silva stole the ball from the side, crossed the ground looking for Lucão, who first finished the bottom line. After 19 minutes, the Maranhão round again got out of the square for the area's entrance gaps.

The players continued to pressure, as goalkeeper Lucão was looking for his goal. 45 minutes into the game, Esmeraldino managed to score 4 – Giovanni was booked for kicking the ball past the keeper. The home side's Giovanni got away with a shot from the right.

In the complementary stage, the gaming landscape has not changed. Goiás continued to pressure and almost extended with Giovanni, but Andrei defended. Lucão seemed to prefer attacking in the middle. 1 – 0 was the score after the first half.

Minimum referee penalty kick in the last minutes after touching defender Maracas. However, he came back. Thus, the home team kept the minimum advantage and won from 1 to 0.



Location: Serra Dourada Stadium, Goiânia (GO)

Date: November 5, 2018

Schedule: At noon 8:00 (Brazilian time)

Judge: Bruno Arleu de Araújo (RJ)

Assistants: Luis Claudio Regazone and Carlos Henrique Cardoso, both from RJ

Public: 6,851 payable

Income: R $ 121 145.00

Yellow cards: João Afonso (Goiás); Matheuzinho, César Sampaio, Bruno Moura and Jocinei (Sampaio Corrêa)

Red card:

Goals: GOIÁS: Giovanni's first half in 45 minutes

GOIAS: Marcos; Alex Silva (Caíque Sá), Victor Ramos, Edcarlos and Ernandes; João Afonso (Léo Sena), Gilberto and Giovanni; Maranhão (Rafinha), Lucão and Michael.

TechnicalNey Franco

SAMPAIO CORRCA: Andrejs; Bruno Moura, Jocci, Maracas and Julinho (Jocinei); César Sampaio, Adilson Goiano (Uilliam), Fernando Sobral and Eloir (Danielzinho); Matheuzinho and Jamie.

Technical: Marcinho Guerreiro

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