Tuesday , September 27 2022

For the FGTS, the government regains $ 4.1 billion


The work of the Ministry of Labor has recovered R $ 4.1 billion, which should be paid to employers for the FGTS from January until September this year. The amounts were collected by the Labor Inspection Secretariat's estimates (SIT) and, according to the MTE, the result is 19% higher than in the same period in 2017 and 53% higher than R $ 2.67 billion collected during the same period in 2016. per year.

During the first three quarters of this year, only US $ 381,333,355.05 was reimbursed to FGTS in the State of Rio.

Job inspector Jefferson de Morais Toledo emphasizes that the operations were stepped up, as from November 2019, the FGTS would be selected by the Federal Supreme Court (FBI) for five years rather than for the current 30 years. STF). This means that an employee can only collect FGTS values ​​that have not been deposited by the boss over the past five years.

In addition, the secretariat will invest in changes to the supervisory systems to monitor FGTS debts even more effectively.

Workers should be aware

Experts themselves can monitor whether the companies in which they work properly make deposits on their FGTS accounts. This monitoring can be carried out by issuing a residence permit for the Caixa Econômica Federal, a person directly concerned every two months.

Other options include accessing notices on the Caixa website, self-service terminals using a password, Citizen card, or mobile text messages (SMS) if you have done so on a bank's website. In the case of these employees, the financial institution sends a report every month as soon as the company makes a deposit. Finally, a professional can go to any Caixa affiliate to consult or use the FGTS application. Doubts can be explained by calling 0800-7260-101.

Home Some memories are not made, the first step is to look for a business and look for an arrangement to regulate the situation. If the employer does not resolve the issue, it is necessary to submit a complaint to the regional labor inspectorate, which is affiliated with the Ministry of Labor and Employment.

In order to formalize the complaint, the employee must present a statement from the linked account, proving that the deposits have not been made. The document can be obtained from any Caixa affiliate with a work card and a PIS card or number. FtGTS application smart phones can also get an extract.

If you want to remain anonymous because you are still employed, the worker may ask your association and file a complaint.

The third option is to bring an action before the Labor Court.

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