Tuesday , September 28 2021

Firefighters rescue collapse Niterói, RJ | Hotels in New Orleans, Louisiana

At the top of the Morro da Esperança, the arm struck at least five houses, causing a collapse in a community located in the Piratiningas neighborhood of Niteroi, Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area. At present, the fire brigade saved one (10)

Health, social welfare, civil protection, construction secretary, conservation and public service agents have been established and conducted a survey to assess the severity of the situation and whether there are people who are buried.

The case was held by Estrada Francisco da Cruz Nunes. According to the corporation, this person was saved by Sam from Niteroi. The call was about 5:05.

8 years Morro do Bumba

On April 7, 2010, the city of Niteroi also witnessed a tragedy that marked the entire country of Rio de Janeiro. Forty-eight people died in a landslide that caught hundreds of homes in the city of Morro do Bumba, in the neighborhood of Wieszoo Jardim.

The main reason for the disaster was the construction of houses on unstable land, where it was previously dumped. According to the Niteroi City Council press office, this is the first appearance since the Morro do Bumba affair.

According to City Hall, the administration carried out 50 insulation works within five years.

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