Friday , June 2 2023

Fátima Bernarde is an audience snoop and everyone is frustrated


Fatima Bernardesa, as you know, is always very charismatic and accessible to your guests from Meeting. However, veteran attitude does not like the beauty behind the scenes. The information is from journalism Leo Dias, newspaper O Dia.

According to the publication, the public is disgusted with Projac, as William Bonner's former wife photographs only guest artists and she interacts with the show. The rest is sucking your finger.

However, according to the publication, it is not worth calling her at the program intervals, because she does an "Egyptian", but not. It simply ignores, leaving many people following it upsetting.

Fatima's daughter commented on separation from her parents

In 2016 William Bonner and Fatima Bernard will be surprised to announce that they are separating after 26 years of marriage. Since then, both globals have been trying to rebuild their lives. Jornal Nacional Anchor was married to Natasha Danth, while she presented the novel with Tulio Gadekl.

Despite the long separation, the other three children – Bia, Laura and Vinícius – have never spoken about this topic. However, in an interview with TV Fama RedeTV! On Thursday, November 1, Bia Bonemer talked for the first time about the famous parental separation.

"They both are happy, so we will take it, right? If they are happy, it will be good for me. How were we in [da situação], we had more time to get used to it. The fans, the audience, were very influential, they were shocked, but normal. We are accustomed to the weather, "said a young woman about William Bonner and Fatima Bernard, who continue to live a new moment in their lives.

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