Tuesday , September 27 2022

Fafa de Belém launches first single from "Projet Humana"


Fafa de Belém launches first single from

Fafa De Belém lives at an incredible moment in his career. After no more, no less than 43 years in the world of art, the singer goes to her 24th studio album. This Wednesday (7), she shared the first single from her new project.

The song Revelation, which became famous with Fagner, will broadcast two in a unique and impressive way. In addition, fans will be able to enjoy music videos with emotions in strong text transmissions that are a success.

Strong tones Fafa lives in a variety of characters, tapping and surprisingly, and makes the project even more special.

"More songs between unpublished ones, rewritten, will reveal modern Portuguese music … that is, Humana is free as a being. It shows the color of life that is swallowed by facts. But this life is about overcoming and the attitude that we must stop and continue to go on. , "said the star.

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