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Everything we know about the Last Tournament Last season – 11/14/2018

The Thrones game will relinquish its fans in 2019 with its eighth and last season. And for fans who are already over a year without a series, the debut is not that far: "GoT", which was shown last April (13) in April 2019.

Until then, there will be a few months of waiting, but you can enjoy what comes with everything that cast and crew are late in recent months. Want to kill long and know what to expect? We've tracked everything you've ever discovered in the Throne Games in the last year.

Spoiler Warning: In this text there are discoveries about the plot

The series has already been released

August HBO hosted the eighth-century promotional video of the "Eight Game Games," announcing its attractions in 2019. In a relatively short sight Jon Snow (Kit Harington) and Sansa (Sophie Turner) meet again Winterfell and embrace each other.

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Sansa attacks Jon Snow on the scene Image: Reproduction

The season starts at Winterfell

According to the magazine Entertainment Weekly, the season opens with Emilia Clarke and her army arrives in Winterfell with Jon Snow, with whom she became romantically involved. Who does not like that very much is Sansa who does not respect her brother so that he may have a loyalty to the kings of the dragon. It's possible where the predefined environment appears.

The episode of the beginning of the new year will be the first of the series, followed by the arrival of Winterfell, the King of the Year (Mark Addy). You can expect many meetings and reunion.

It will die a lot.

Okay, that's not really unexpected when it comes to the Throne game. But apparently the series will result in the idea of ​​killing the most loved people even further. "[Haverá] More deaths than in all previous years (…) [Será] Emotionally more sinister than in all previous years, "Sophie Turner delivers on the Gold Derby website.

And if you suspect of an actress, take the floor from one of HBO's top executives, Francesca Orsi, who said about the last six episodes of the show: "It was a powerful moment in our life and in our career, the previous scripts, and one by one they began to find out about him. deaths. "

Who will survive the end of the series?

Porto Real will be destroyed …

In the quarter, the fight will be close enough to Cersei Lannister. Several serial-recorded materials showed that Porto Real buildings were ignited and / or partially destroyed. To complete, the production was hired according to the Watchers on the Wall website, over 600 extras for men and women, which means we will see civilians in the crossfire. In general, according to the site, the series devoted two months to the sequence of records that ended in July.

… and will take a big meeting

The seventh season was able to reunite most of its mainstream movies to continue Dragon Dug, which was played in its latest episode. And the feat should be repeated in the octave, as many actors were seen in Seville, Spain, serving as a rental in this place. Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj Coster Waldau, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Liam Cunningham, Brienne), Conleth Hil (Varys) and Lena Headey (Cersei). It is not known whether this meeting will take place during peace or battle.

There will be the biggest series battle

During the White Walking Tour, Winterfell will be the biggest wrestling race ever seen in the series. According to director Jonathan Quinlan, it took 55 nights, which was divided into 11 weeks, and was taken at three locations. For comparison, Bastard's battle, which appears in the sixty season, took half the time it took. And there is more: the fight will include flaming swords caught by fans.

The end will be "unpredictable"

For years the Internet has been full of theories about how the "Tron Games" will be completed. But the end of the series will be astonishing, said Sophie Turner. "I was delighted with how unpredictable the end of the show really is," said actress Digital Spy. "People have created so many theories about how it will end, who is about to end with who will end with them. It's really unpredictable as it ends."

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Daerry's Seventh "Tron Games" Image: Discovery / HBO

End of Ender leaves Emilie Clarke

Emily Clarke said she got a bit of a sense in recording the last Daenerys scene. "This is with me," the actress said in the magazine Vanity Fair. "To know that it will be the last taste, one will get from Daener …" he continued, leaving the nature of fate in the air.

Arja is one in its last view

Maisie Williams revealed to the newspaper The Guardian that Arja is one of her last views in the Throne game. "For me, this was a perfect story, of course I am one, Arja is always one."

Tyrion will have a beautiful finish

Who says actor Peter Dinklage: "Tragic or not, it will be a beautiful end." He even praised the end of the series, calling it "brilliant". "It's much better than I could imagine," he added.

A ghost will appear

John Smoke's giant wolf was a severe shortage in the seven seasons, but he will return. What's guaranteed is Joe Bauer, the head of the series's visual effects. "Yes, you will see it," Bauer said in the Huffington Post. "He will have a good time on the screen for the eighth season. He will be very present and will do cool things."

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Ghost, Jon Snow Wolf "Throne Game" Image: Reproduction

Impossible meeting will happen

With the enemies common, now characters will start more and more. We already know that Daenerys meets Sansu and Arij, but Jamie will appear next to Davos – information verified by the participants.

Lady Lyanna is back

One of the topicalities of the sixth and seventh season, actress Bella Ramsey has recorded the scene of the eighth season in Belfast, Northern Ireland. We still do not know what was really filming, but we hoped that she would appear in Daener.

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