Friday , June 2 2023

Court Officer Does Not Find Beta Rita's Brother and Judge Suspected of "Concealing Defendant" | Paraná


Judge Fernando Bardelli, Silva Fischer, of the Curitiba Courts of Justice issued a Thursday round of grace on Wednesday (7) to protect the armed forces and former Secretary of State of the former Paraná Beto Rich (PSDB) Pepe Rich, informing the defendant on telephone and email in Operation Radio Patrulha.

This operation deals with a bribe money scheme offering offers in the country's Patrulha do Campo rural roads.

According to the order, a justice officer did not find him twice at home to report complaints of passive corruption and fraud.

"Suspecting a secret is sensible," says the judge.

Official reports show that Pepe Rich was not found home on November 1 and 5, and that his wife said that he was on a trip that does not have a return date.

He also indicated that the woman could not tell where the defendant could be found. Faced with the situation, the officer said that he returned to second place on Tuesday (6), indicating his wife.

Upon receipt of the complaint, on 30 October, the judge did not indicate the precautionary measures against the defendants, but stated that they should immediately report the obstacles to compliance "to take the necessary measures".

On Wednesday, the judge also called for the defense of the defendant, Louise Abi Antoun, the former governor's sister, to inform whether the return to Lebanon was a prediction.

In a statement, Pepe Rich's defense stated that "it will only appear in the process" and that it will appeal to the Supreme Court (STJ).

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