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Corinthian eyes in 2019 and the priority for assembly with new and cheap cast – Football


  • Daniel Augusto Jr. / Ag Corinthians

    The Chilean midfielder Araz, the 21st century, is one of Andrés Sanchez's signals

    The Chilean midfielder Araz, the 21st century, is one of Andrés Sanchez's signals

Corinthians still need to rely on minimum points to get rid of the Brasileirão release. Despite this trend at the end of the season, the Alvinegra board moves a team meeting until 2019 and seeks to keep the Corinthian team up to date, which began with Andrés Sanchez's leadership.

Last month, the club introduced two enhancements for next year: Michel Macedo and the attacker Gustavo Mosquito, who are already working on CT Joaquim Grave, who is waiting for the Crointian preseason.

According to Andres Sanchez, the idea is to maintain the current team, which already has 34 athletes, including two amps – the team will lose Emerson Sheikh, who retires at the age of 40 in December. The agent says that the idea is to give at least three other players.

According to coach Jair Ventura, board plans have already been transferred to the trainer's staff. In addition, in 2019, a list of players will be used.

"We are well advanced in planning, borrowing players, looking at the market. I listened and liked the boards, they know we need to be replaced," said the Corinthian coach.

"Good and cheap"

It appears Corinthians will keep their market position in recent months looking for good and cheap words. As Perrone's blog showed last Monday, the club's salary ceiling, from R $ 400,000, makes it harder to go forward.

In this scenario, the Corinthians are trying to maintain the philosophy that is being implemented after Andrei's return to the club's leadership. In the Concept of Leaders, Corinthians have a medium-term job of hiring promises.

Matheus Mathias, midfielder Sergio Diaz, Thiaguinho and Gustavo Mosquito – for example, they are 21 years old. In the youth list, Angelo Araos and Mateus Vital are still the biggest clubs in 2018.

Another expected at the end of this year is Danilo's stay. The 39-year-old midfielder has already confirmed that he will play for at least a year and is now waiting for a board decision alvinegra.

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