Friday , June 9 2023

Concerned about Palmeiras's tiredness, Felipão tries to predict the title


Trainer, Luiz Felipe Scolari, blamed the physical pressure for the Palmeiras loss in the final stage of the Brazilian strike on Saturday's Santos strike. According to the trainer, the solution is to avoid new problems because of the marathon game, to achieve a good set of victories and to predict the conquest of the title.

"Heavy, the end of the final stage, the team loses the player damage, damages … But there is the other side too, so go to the title," he commented.

The victory was raised to 66 points to Palmeiras, seven before Flamengo, and second to Sao Paulo on Sunday, 17 at Morumbi stadium, 32nd round.

The team's number of points required to reach the cup is about 75, which shows the historic average of the champions with the Brazilian Championships since 2006 when the competition consisted of 20 teams.

However, the title may still be in the past, according to the opponents' scandals. In the last year, for example, the Corinthians confirmed the cup by 72 points. However, Felipão disagreed with this topic. "We do not count, we play the game," he said.

The coach is worried that he will regain his players for the next match. The Brazilian Championship has six rounds and Palmeiras will be using the whole week of the 11th week at Independence Stadium in Belo Horizonte, Atletico-MG.

"There is also a psychological site that needs to be found." The Copa do Brasil, the Libertadores semi-finals semi-final, has been lost. "We have a weakness, but we are defeated and we fight for the title with other teams," he added.

With Santos' victory, Palmeiras made 17 matches in the Brazilian league inevitable. After the Atletico, the team will receive Fluminense, and will face opponents in the series who are struggling to defeat: Paraná, América-MG (home), Vasco (ki) and Vitória (home) .

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