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Car manufacturers start a joint car service test


The Brazilian car market is starting to attract car manufacturers, albeit shy. It is a move towards a trend that has already been consolidated in Europe, the United States and China. In these markets, major manufacturers are already collaborating with some form of sharing service, either with small fleets in pilot projects or on a large scale through partnerships with companies in this area.

Leaf, Toyota: test car auctions

Leaf, Toyota: test car auctions

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Nissan Brazil launched a pilot program on car sharing last month with the inclusion of an electric leaf – a model that will be sold in the country from 2019. Initially, this service will be available to employees of the São Paulo office and factory administrative district. Resende (RJ).

"By the end of the year, we will also apply the outside world, but controlled," says Brazilian President Marc Silva of Nissan. According to him, people groups and affiliate companies will be given access to the program.

The Japanese automobile manufacturer Toyota has opted for the launch of the Moobie to launch a pilot-sharing service with 12-brand vehicles, including the Prius hybrid, to serve employees at the São Bernardo do Campo (SP) and Toyota Bank facilities.

"The goal is to point the company to new transport solutions," says Miegel Fonsec, vice president of Toyota.

The Volkswagen Latin American president, Pablo Di Si, says that from the next year, the company will also check the sharing service, which should not be limited to employees. He does not provide details about the community who will be able to enjoy the fleet, which is likely to have golf electric and hybrid versions.


BMW's luxury car manufacturer is expected to announce a partnership soon to allow cars to share. The project also involves the electricity company EDP, with which the group has recently opened six electric car charging stations. In Europe, BMW already has 1 million users already on this platform.

Audi is studying a wider shareholder program until 2019, when the country has been conducting tests for years.

General Motors has been developing a pilot program with its factory staff for more than two years – the same as that adopted by the US, but has not yet been defined when it will start commercially.

Waiting for a compass. KPMG's consultancy director Ricardo Barcellar estimates that the Brazilian market needs "more exponential demand" to attract large groups. According to him, many companies have been arrested even because the car industry today has important priorities.

"Companies have come to terms with the resumption of the market, while exports to Argentina have declined with the release and adoption of 4.0 industry processes," says Barcheler. "At one time, it does not matter to all the requests that matter."

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