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Brands are presented at the Car Expo in tattoos, karaoke, games and sweets – 11.11.2013

30 International Auto Show will be on Sunday (18) at the Sao Paulo Expo Exhibition and Conference Center in the southern part of São Paulo. The event is the largest so far, with 110,000 square meters, 29 manufacturers, more than 500 vehicles and more than 1200 hours of interactive activities. And precisely these activities have gained a lot of public attention.

Car manufacturers have invested in various brand activation, far beyond traditional cars and their engines. In most cases, these activities are aimed at younger generations, which continue to play such an important role dream to buy a car.

Here are some basic activations below.

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Privacy policy

Murilo Góes / UOL
BigFoot, known as the "monster truck", is located in UOL Cars Image: Murilo Góes / UOL

O Privacy policy The event also includes a stand and a studio that offers coverage and content creation UOL. The space star is BigFoot, known as the "monster truck".

At the end of each day, there are ten participants who posted photos of the car with the hashtag #GiganteUOLCarros and get a personalized ice bucket.

Jeep: A tattoo and climbing wall

Renato Pezzotti / UOL
Space for tattoos in the Jeep room Image: Renato Pezzotti / UOL

For example, the Jeep room has two different activities. The FCA brand created a space for tattoos, in collaboration with the Black Ball Student in Sao Paulo.

For those who want to create one of the 150 fast-tattoo designs, from studios to pre-defined designs, they simply get into space and sign up for the Jeep Nation brand at the Club Advantage. The company estimates that about 60 tattoos were made during the first five days of the show.

"By providing story building experiences, it's part of the Jeep DNA, and we wanted it to happen to visitors. This year, based on the Make History concept, we took tattooing studies and five-meter climbing walls," said FCA's Latin American marketing and Communications Manager, João Ciako. The climbing wall is open to people of all ages, including children from four years old.

Ford: wakeboard, karaoke and gifts

In addition to 30 cars, Ford has six activities for the public with a 2,750-cubic foot cab. One of the most outstanding is the video game "Long Life and Adventure". At that, the challenge is to surf the wakeboard board driven by the virtual EcoSport.

In order to promote the sponsorship of its Rock Fellows in Rio, the car manufacturer also created mini karaoke. The consumer chooses a song, enters Ford Ka and records a clip to the song selected for the song. The video is sent to the visitor via email and can be shared on social networks.

Renato Pezzotti / UOL
The challenge is to surf the wakeboard board driven by the virtual EcoSport Image: Renato Pezzotti / UOL

"We are looking for relevancy and a complete bond with brand positioning. Each of these activities has been specially designed to showcase our product technology in a playful and relaxing way, creating an entertaining and fun atmosphere for all families," said Mauricio Greco, Ford Marketing Director.

Children have time. Space is a pleasure for those who want to leave the car while their parents are still walking around the room. In addition to the monitors, there are two video games for small ones – of course, with games, with speed.

The brand also offers some kind of "joy foot". The visitor registers on the spot and receives a card where the points are recorded each time he participates in the interaction. After all, the visitor acquires various memories, such as speakers, key rings and caps, taking into account common points. Only in the first weekend of the salon, more than 2,100 people were registered in the room, according to Ford.

Fiat: shows, playlist and ice cream

The song has its turn in the Fiat booth. The car manufacturer's premises are Cláudio Lins (November 15) and André Frateschi (November 16th), which always starts at noon. 18:50 to PopStar Stage.

There is also an activity with Spotify, a music streaming platform. Instead, the visitor participates in the virtual game, and the result shows the brand car that most matches each musical tastes. In addition, users receive an exclusive playlist from the company.

This room also has an ice cream shop installed inside the Ducato model. Visitors who are registered with the Fiat Club, Automobile Producer Benefits Program, receive ice cream. From Wednesday (14), according to company data, about 4,000 were distributed.

VW: virtual reality and escape game

The big picture of the car showrooms is virtual reality glasses. For example, Volkswagen has four activities that give participants a different view, always shows the interior of vehicles and their tools.

The stand also has a place for children working in conjunction with Happy Code school activities, for example, in games with expanded reality and programming course.

The origin of the space is the "Volkswagen Escape" game. Visitors are blocked in the garage and have to understand a variety of puzzles to go through the Tiguan Allspace Handbook, which uses the IBM Watson Artificial Intelligence. Ten teams take part in this game, every 15 minutes, 30 times a day.

Chevrolet: virtual exercises and photos

In addition to traditional virtual simulators, the Chevrolet official room includes Onix models of photos, and car advertising sponsored by the Lollapalooza festival in Brazil and the United States.

In order to attend, the visitor must follow the @chevroletbr Instagram profile by intervening with drawings or phrases in one of the photographs of the car and publishing images on the social network with the hashtag #SomosConectados. The five photos that the car maker saw as the most creative will be taken on a journey with festivals to be held in Sao Paulo and Chicago respectively in April and August next year.

Renault: focus on stories

But Renault, but about the content. The French car manufacturer created a studio to create content, interviews and activation for the "On Salon" program, with a great investment in the Instagram Stories tool. During the event, social networking specialists organize seminars for the general public.

"In 2016, when the topic was the VR [“virtual reality”], we are already betting on the content. Therefore, we want to bring Renault's experience closer to the consumer who is out of action, "said Livia Kinoshita, Renault do Brasil's advertising manager.

Professional training

Professional training is also available at this year's Auto Show. Approximately 90 university students were trained to work on the VW stand. The teaching staff who chose from the selection process spent two and a half months training at the São Bernardo do Campo (SP) assembly plant.

At the same time, Chevrolet creates a space within a measure that differs from the main stand, which includes daily lectures on professional qualifications, internship offerings and doubts about the place of business acceptance.


Automobile hall

  • Date: until wednesday (18)
  • Schedule: from 15 to 17 November from From 13:00 to noon 22.00 and from 18 to 11 November at noon. 19.00
  • Location: São Paulo Expo Exhibition and Conference Center, Imigrantes Highway, 1.5 km
  • Free delivery: near Jabaquara Metro Station (line 1 Azul) and Santos-Imigrantes Station (Line 2, Green)
  • Tickets: R $ 99 (rejection: R $ 49.50)
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