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Boca and the river sent to and from the field in Libertadores / 2018


Libertadores 2018 will not fit into history simply because Boca Juniors and River Plate are the first to follow each other in the final (Bombonera and 24th Monumental de Nuñez will be on Saturday), in which both Argentine giants – which, by the way, have done their best to invest heavily to get where they are, how to Boot already appeared in January and played well in the woods – they did not lobby for the rules of competition and clearly stated that the "new Conmebol" – as their president, Alejandro Rodriguez is proud – is as incompetent and unorganized as headed by leaders who are now being arrested or investigated in connection with corruption.

The river illegally stood up in the Huculini pushandar, in seven races (six group stages and in the first race of the eighth finals against finishing), and Boca was not penalized for having attacked Abil on the field five times in a row (four in the group stage and one in the last 16 against Libertad) Santos did not have the same attitude and was punished by 3 to 0 because he committed the same violations. Go to things.

RIVER – Half-time player Zuculini has managed two suspensions since 2013, playing in competitions. He went to Europe, this year returned to the river and usually played the first round. The club says that he has been consulting with Conmebol to find out if he had an old stop to complete it and received a green light to put it on the field. After the eighth finals, the first match competition realized the offense and recorded with a request to win the points of the game that ended from 0 to 0. It was rejected because the claim was filed after the 24-hour deadline after the match. That is: since nobody knew the problem to complain, Conmebol was so bad that he could not find out if the player had the legal conditions to offset the crime.

Mute "The story of Avant-garde Abil is almost the same. The difference is that the club (who narrowly qualified for the last 16 years) was worried about discoveries about Zuculini and Santista Carlos Sánchez, consulted with Conmebol to find out if the player had already executed a penalty for expulsion from the 2015 South American Cup when he defended the hurricane.This happened only after the club realized that it could be penalized, perhaps he was convinced that the penalty had not yet been fulfilled. As a precautionary measure, Boca brought him out of the eighth game in the second games against Libertad (he had put forward one of the two goals of victory with 2 to 0) – in order not to grow bunnies, the justification of the striker was not that he had a fever. In the first game against the Cruzeiro club, he consulted with Conmebol to find out what the situation was and only then the company discovered that the Bible should stay out of the same game, admitting that he did not The evies (as was done to allow the river to climb Zuculini) freed the Argentinean club from responsibility and touched the ship. Again, since no time complained, it was fine. Of course for Boca.

SANTOS – Employed in the middle of the year, Uruguay Carlos Sánchez debuted at the 16th round of the 16th round against the Independiente in Buenos Aires. A few minutes after the game – which ended without a goal – began to spread the news that the Argentinean club would require points to find out that the player stops the time he worked on the Plate River in 2015. An appeal was filed on the day and the Conmebol Disciplinary Board changed the score from 3 to 0 in favor of Independent. In his defense, Santos argued that he had consulted with the Conmebol system and had found nothing to delay the appointment of Sánchez, but the company announced that the penalty would be 2015 and that the system was set up in 2016.

The semi-finals of Conmebol were again favorable to the river. The coach Marcelo Gallardo was suspended from the game against Grêmio Porto Alegre and could not communicate with the players, but at intervals when the team lost 1 to 0, he got out of the cabin where he was and went to the room to talk to the team – the action was recorded with pictures and facilitates river workers. After the game, he acknowledged that he had not executed the penalty. And he won: "I'm not sorry for what I do because the punishment was not fair."

Grêmio filed an appeal the next day asking for points to indicate that the presence of the coach in the locked-out room is a participation in the game. In Argentina, there was no doubt that the river would be kept as the finalist, but both club president Rodolfo D'Onofrio and the media are afraid of the heavy punishment of Gallardo to assume that he has not deliberately been punished – it was up to 8 months when Conmebol is organizing a race . After all, the penalty was much more lenient: he was stopped in four games (the first of them could not get into the stadium) and imposed a fine of 50,000 dollars.

CBF weight loss Conmebol weakened brazilian clubs behind the scenes. The company runs the ghost, Colonel Nunes, whose only function is to warm the chair Rogério Caboclo – who has already been elected to start work in April. In the World Cup, the colonel imposed on CBF in sensitive situations, violating the pact adopted to vote for North America's call to host the World Cup in 2026 and be the only continent to vote in Morocco. This attitude was criticized by many South Americans, mostly Argentina Argentinean Football Association (AFA) president Claudio Tapia. Since then, CBF has "hid" the colonel and detained him from Conmebol's events and meetings.

After the first game between Boca and Cruzeiro for the quarter finale in which Dede was rejected on the move when he inadvertently struck with goalkeeper Andrad (the red card was so absurd, then canceled and he could play Mineirão), Brazilian clubs questioned the persecution of Conmebol in Brazil, because Conmebol is not represented by CBF.

It can only be a theory of fake conspiracy in terms of bad losers. But this Brazil is an isolated Conmebol is undeniable.



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