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Nilton celebrates Bahia's first goal, highlights the aerial and announces her wife

Photo: Uliss Gama / Bahia News

In the first half of the year, with no great potential, Nilton was on the Bahia background and even thought of leaving an experienced flyer. However, the last season card has given the best of 19 shirts. With a good midfield performance, he had already helped against Grémio on round 28 and achieved his first goal in the Ba-Vi classics. last Sunday (11) barradão. He did not hide emotions, he talked about the work done in Fazenda and was celebrated.

"Funny, I had a coffee with my wife this morning, and I had such a quick film at my disposal." Football is funny … One day you are in heaven and the other in hell. Nilton did not comment on Nilton, no one said he would have lost the deal. I always devoted myself and here would not be different. I looked that sometimes there was no need for improvement, but I wanted to train, devote myself, show the service. Just remember what's visible. The girlfriend always encouraged, It was my 19th game, the number I use that accompanies me … And if it's such an important game … Everyone said an hour is about to leave. I was able to achieve the result at a time when we needed the most. In the classic case, it can not let an opponent's team grow up. The way it was, it was electrifying, it was pretty, it did not show anything … "

With 1.85 m, Nilton has been an important stop for the Enderson Moreira team. According to him, the air of the game has been an important team weapon.

"The teacher very clearly stated that it is a weapon, sometimes I will avoid training if I have not been training so much, I have already said that the upper part does not increase the hair, I have a shaver, and I leave the whole gray The goalkeeper had a great opportunity to score but he did not know what to do, you're giving responsibility, "he said.

Nilton's return to Bahia is his wife Karin's involvement. The Squad player has declared himself fashionable and revealed the tips he provided in the difficult stages.

"This is the age of ten friends, she has everything in my life, my friend, partner, wife … In difficult times she has been on my side." Sometimes I think I could stop playing, she encouraged me. that a woman sinks or stops. Thank God that I found one that ended up raising me to create a wonderful family. Her participation is essential. He asked me to see my mistakes and said that I did not see VT's game. However, I want to stay in the legacy of achievements, and I want people to see that I had more hits than mistakes, "he explained.

On the third yellow card, Nilton will be the Bahia decider next round, against Ceara, on Wednesday (14th), at noon. 20:00 (Salvador Time) in the Fonte Nova Arena.

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