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Bahia is part of the former Corinthian Legion; two forbidden to play on Sunday

Clayton was released

Clayton was a lightning pipe for Corinthians in 2017


Corinthians made his debut at the Brazilian Championship 2019 against Bahia on Sunday afternoon at Fonte Nova Duel, which promises to mark Timão's recurring meeting with the legion of the former club players. Two of those that can be highlighted will not be able to get into the field with the help of contract forces (they are lent by the trade union alvinegra): the plane Douglas, owned by El Salvador, and half Guilherme, who will no longer be able to book.

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Goalkeeper Douglas Friedrich left Corinth at the beginning of last year and finally recognized Bahia. He was involved in talks between the clubs at Juninho Capixaba, lending to Grêmio today.

Corinthians: 1 game (2016 to 2017)


In the last month of January, Corinthians sold the side of Mois to Corinth. Timão maintained 40% of the young people's 23-year-old economic rights to a potential sale of Bahá''s future.

Corinthians: 18 Games (2016 – 2017)

Douglas Augusto

Douglass is one of the ex-Corinthian exceptions: he still owns Timão and is just a loan from Bahia. The talks took place in January last year and the player has a contract with Timão until July 2022.

Corinthians: 22 games (2018)

Douglas belongs to Corinth

Douglas belongs to Corinths until July 2022

Rodrigo Gazzanel / Ag. Corinthians


Mid-level Nylon is perhaps the least mentioned name of Corinthians. This is because at the age of 32 he has been through Timon for more than ten years. Parque São Jorge discovered he left the team in 2008. Prior to his arrival in Bahia, he came to Vasco, Cruzeiro and Internacional.

Corinthians: 26 Games (2005-2008)


In his last year's contract with the Corinthians, the mid-level Guilherme is issued until December in Bahia. Like Douglass, he still belongs to Timon, but, unlike the wheel, it is not part of the future plans of Alvin.

Corinthians: 50 Games (2016 – 2017)

Guilherme was issued to Atl

Guilherme was issued to Athletico before Bahia

Chris Brown


In 2017, the attacker had a lightning pipe for Corinth, which was traded on the stock exchange where Marlone participated. After all, he didn't like it and finally returned to Atlético-MG, who now lent him Bahia.

Corinthians: 14 games in 2017

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