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Approved cases of fever and fever virus


Image: Archive
Image: Archive

Compared to last year in the same period, Pernambuco recorded cases of dengue and zikovirus. According to the Arbovirores bulletin published on Thursday (8) by the Department of Health (SES) of the Department of Health, the declarations of dengue and zygote increased by 22.8% and 41.1%, respectively, between December and Saturday 2017 (3). Of the 19,748 cases reported for dengue cases, 4946 were approved, while Zika – 1,075, of which 47 were approved. During the same period last year, 1682 records were made of fever and 753 cases of fever.

Although this year, only one death was recorded during February (February), the SES reports that there is an outbreak in the 48 municipalities of Pernambuco and another 96 in an emergency. The deceased victim was a woman, 53 years old, and lived in the capital of Recife, Paulista. In the case of the Chikungunya cases, it decreased by 42.2% in 2018, when 2 811 cases were reported, compared with last year, totaling 4663.

EPISOTEASE / YELLOW FEVER – SES began monitoring sentinel birds in February to find out the possible causes of death of the primate, which could be related to diseases such as rabies, yellow fever or other zoonoses. Epizootic surveillance is one of the strategies for the early detection of Yellow fever virus, as diseased monkeys act as guards to observe the disease in humans (mosquitoes can be infected with animals and then passed on to humans). Pernambuco disease has not been registered since the 1930s.

In 2018, 68 cases involving 78 primates (monkeys) were reported. These animals were found dead and reported to environmental and monitoring agencies (municipalities and the state). So far, yellow fever has not been diagnosed with humans or animals. It is important to note that Pernambuco does not have vaccine recommendations for yellow fever. Vaccination should only be carried out on persons who have been shown to be switching to risk areas and / or the recommended vaccination.

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