Thursday , February 25 2021

Amnesty International releases this Fourth New Report on the Marielle Case Study Hotels – New Orleans, Louisiana

Eight months after the assassination of Marielle Franco and Anderson Gome, Amnesty International will publish a report on Wednesday to gather publicly available information on the case (14).

The disclosure of the document is intended to highlight the serious issues that were not answered, the possible contradictions and contradictions in the course of the investigation and call into question the position of the competent authorities.

"It's shocking to look at everything that was spread over the eight-month investigation of the murder of Marielle Franco and see that the model is inadequacies, inconsistencies and contradictions. The authorities are not responding to the serious allegations that have emerged and, in other words, they do not seem to take responsibility about what they say. Marielle was a public figure, elected member of the council. His murder was a brutal crime and the authorities did not respond properly, "said Renata Neder, research coordinator for Amnesty International in Brazil.

Anderson Goms was driving a car where Marielle Franco was a counselor. - Photo: reproduction / TV globeAnderson Goms was driving a car where Marielle Franco was a counselor. - Photo: reproduction / TV globe

Anderson Goms was driving a car where Marielle Franco was a counselor. – Photo: reproduction / TV globe

The document provides information in five categories: shooting and munitions, a killer weapon, second-hand cars and devices and security cameras, investigation procedures and the conduct of investigations.

In addition, each block poses questions to the authorities to do. Among the critical points is the lack of an answer to the separation of crime scene security cameras in the days before the assassination, the disappearance of armored vehicles from the Rio de Janeiro civilian police arsenal and police bombing ammunition federal.

"The general situation has shown that officials in the criminal justice system no longer assume responsibility. The state can not withdraw without the destruction of ammunition and master guns," Neder said.

Even the open information, even without definitive or relevant replies, indicates that the assassination of Marielle Franco was carefully planned and possibly included in the participation of national representatives and security forces.

"This scenario of conflicting information, the unanswered questions and the possibility that state agents are involved in a crime reinforces the need for an independent external mechanism that is urgently needed to monitor the investigation into the murder of Marielle and Anderson," Neder said.

Despite the delay in investigating, the family is still mobilizing while awaiting a response.

"We have received great recognition and solidarity from people both in Brazil and abroad, and our family has become more and more united. Eight months have passed, and all we want today is to find out who killed and who told me to kill me. "said Marielle's mother, Marinete da Silva.

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