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2019 Income Tax: This is the last weekend before the deadline for submitting a notice; to Avoid Fine | Income Tax 2019

This is the last weekend before the 2019 income tax filing deadline, and taxpayers must submit data to the IRS by Tuesday (30) until 23:59 and avoid making payments. fines


By Friday to Friday (26), revenues generated approximately 21.65 million statements, representing approximately 70% of the total expected structure of 30.5 million investors.

Suggestions for IR 2019: See the consequences of late delivery of the notification

Suggestions for IR 2019: See the consequences of late delivery of the notification

Accountant Antônio de Lima Pimentel, a tax law specialist and member of the Carioca Accounting Office, has several reasons why so many taxpayers allow the declaration to be made within the deadlines. The main thing he says is culture. "Our culture needs to change, it is in no way. Brazilians are not used to always leaving everything for the last hour," he said.

However, there are also practical issues that require the taxpayer to postpone the return and submit it, for example, there is no document on property registration or no evidence of medical expenses. Pimentel is confident that the notification will be sent on time, even with error or incomplete information.

"Delivery with what you have, because the revenue allows you to correct the data later. It is better to meet the deadline than to pay the fine," he said.

A fine for a taxpayer who has a duty to declare but does not submit a declaration or deliver it after the deadline is at least R $ 165.74. The maximum amount corresponds to 20% of the tax due.

Accountant Antônio Pimental warned that key data that taxpayers need to increase care by filling in income-related income.

"You should pay great attention to taxable income received from natural or legal persons, as these data can change the character of the notice to pay the tax or get the right to restitution. some expenses that could be killed can be corrected later without paying a fine, ”he said.

Refunds will start to be paid in June and will continue until December for taxpayers whose notifications are not part of the grid.

Pimentel said it was a big risk to leave the announcement at the last moments of the deadline. This is because the amount of access to the Federal Revenue Web site makes the body's network slower and more unstable, which can make it impossible to send data.

"The more you leave to the end, the network will start to slow down because of the large number of results, so you will have difficulty completing the notification," he stressed.

Who needs to testify?

  • Who In 2018 received taxable income above R $ 28,559,70. The amount is the same as last year's tax return.
  • Taxpayers who received an income tax exemption are not taxable or taxed only in the source amount of more than $ 40,000 last year;
  • Who in the month of 2018 received capital gains from the sale of goods or rights subject to tax, or carried out activities on stock exchanges, commodities, futures and the like;
  • In 2018, gross income in rural activities exceeded $ 142,79.50;
  • Who, until 31 December 2018, owned goods or rights, including naked land with a total value of more than $ 300,000;
  • Who became a Brazilian resident last month and was in that position on 31 December 2018;
  • Who has opted for value added tax obtained from the sale of residential property, the proceeds of which are used for the purchase of residential real estate located in a country within 180 days of the conclusion of the sales contract;

In order to settle accounts with the lion, the taxpayer must acquire the IR generator program. You can also announce using "tablets" or "smartphones". In this case, you should look for applications in virtual stores. Delivery can also be done on the website of the tax authorities in online format with a digital certificate.

The taxpayer can import data from 2018 to facilitate the submission of applications and this should be done at the time of the early application. If the last declaration is eliminated, it should be replaced with the last online rectifier receipt number.

The Receitanet program was included in the IR 2019 program and no separate installation is required. However, the revenue informs that the declaration service does not work between 1h and 5h in the morning (Brazilian time).

At the time of the income tax declaration, the taxpayer has the opportunity to deduct some types of expenses from it. This allows you to reduce the amount of tax due or increase the amount of compensation received.

The taxpayer has two options to submit his / her declaration to the IRS: Simplified and Complete Model. In the first case, it is not possible to deduct costs because it offers a flat-rate discount to taxpayers. Deductions apply only to those who choose the full model.

  • See what can be deducted from income tax

Those opting for a simplified declaration waive all deductions allowed under tax laws, such as education and health, but are entitled to a deduction of 20% of the taxable income equivalent to R $ 16,754,34. last year.

This year, the Internal Revenue Service allows the taxpayer to find out within 24 hours of the notification whether he has fallen into the penalty network. Therefore, the further away from the data transmission deadline, the more opportunities he has to correct the errors and give up personally responsible Lions.

In 2018, 628 thousand taxpayers reported their fines, according to the Federal Revenue Service. The main reasons for data retention in the agency's opinion were:

  • Cancellation of the income of the holder or his dependents: 379 547 declarations
  • The differences between the IRRF were announced in the declaration and the notified DIRF: 183,274 declarations
  • Medical Expenses: 163,594 Declarations
  • Official or private pensions, dependents, alimony and other deductions: 128,536 declarations

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