Saturday , January 29 2022

Why influenza increases the risk of heart attack


When pneumonia is complicated, the flu increases the risk of cardiovascular accidents three times over several weeks. Other respiratory infections, especially pneumococci, also increase the risk.

She will not spoil the vacation, but this time she is! According to the Public Health of France, "the seasonal influenza epidemic began in the oxy region and will spread to the rest of the city in the coming weeks."

If the risk of serious pneumonia (pneumonia) or sepsis associated with influenza is not surprised, the American doctors have just published a study on induced risk, often unknown to the public: myocardial infarction.

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The results seem so convincing that Dr. Daniel Musher (Texas) and his colleagues, the authors of the article, argue that research is needed to find out whether it is worth to start with statins or antiplatelet (aspirin, etc.). .) for patients hospitalized for acute infection. "It will be necessary to see what it is like for different types of heart attack, explains Figaro Dr. Pierre Aubry, …

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