Sunday , March 26 2023

who will come to control the Tesla model 3?


The first car, the Tesla model 3, will be subjected to hacker attacks that will participate in the piracy competition Pwn2Own. Anyone who will be able to control the computer system of the electric car will be offered the 3rd model.

Every year, the Pwn2Own hackers competition brings together the best, well-designed hackers, White hat Because they are called. This forces participants, both men and women, to challenge the vulnerability of software, smartphones, and the most popular computers. This is the key Internet browsersbut also iPhonehave experienced the attack of these experts, attracted by the prestige that these operations and premiums suffered in the currency.

The 2019 Pwn2Own edition to be held at the conference next March CanSecWest, Vancouver, Canada, promises to be even more impressive as the first car will be delivered to hackers and hackers. Indeed, Tesla has agreed to provide Sample 3. The first competitor, or the first to break the electric car, will get the Tesla model no.

Six Attack Points for the Tesla Model 3

Tesla is the manufacturer that most attracted the concept of connected cars. His models are real computers that are regularly updated remotely to add features. Event organizers Pwn2Own has defined six attack points that hackers can prevent. In particular, there has been success in the denial of service attack autopilot driver assistance system, which is piracy electronic key, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections or a multimedia system. The premiums range from $ 50,000 to $ 250,000.

In 2014, Tesla launched its pay program for error detection, which now offers bonuses of up to $ 15,000. Tesla Powerwall home battery systems are also part of this hacking program.

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