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"What have we done to God yet?": We laughed, but much less

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Here's how What did we do with God? just seduce us halfway.

"Dad, that would be humor, we laugh …" Expressing this answer What have we done to God yet? , Frédérique Bel points randomly, which is very missing Philippe de Chauveron comedy: the ability to laugh at us. At least as much as the first version, which was very successful at the box office.

It is also difficult to get better results than the first part. The pressure had been on the director and the actors (they were not even good at promoting the media), but obviously not enough. Result: January 30 this year What have we done to God again ?, we end up with a comedy that reminds us of the previous one. Unlike this time, Father Verneuil will do nothing to get rid of his sons, but, on the contrary, develop strategies to stay in France, a country so expensive for his heart. The lack of freshness, however, is felt and prevents us from appreciating the good valves.

And yet, this movie hasn't disappeared, it doesn't know stereotypes. These latter ones are still the same. We meet again with a Chinese fu or a Jew who is obsessed with money. Seen and reviewed in the first chapter.

This film, a true anthem to France, is, however, bold to laugh at the stereotypes and social issues that hinder, for example, the adoption of same-sex marriages. Of course, always with a second degree, well dosed.

A strong point What have we done to God yet? undoubtedly is his good thing. If Claudia Tagbo, a new saga recruiting, is influenced by Andra Koffi's daughter girlfriend and future wife Nicole, we can't help but believe that without a very good Christian keyboard and Chantal Lauby, the comedy wouldn't have had the same taste.


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