Tuesday , February 7 2023

Weldi: Father's Impotence


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After Hedi, Mohamed Ben Attia offers a new touch to the portrait of a Tunisian company.

At age 19, Sami (Zakaria Ben Ayed), a student without problems, is about to transfer his Bachelor's degree. Is this an exam stress? In any case, he is confiscated by a violent migraine, with vomiting and vertigo. The scanner does not indicate anything serious. His mother, Nazli (Mouna Mejri), a teacher, and his father, Mohamed Dhrif, is head of the Tunisian port, careless. They are trying to help, because they can make this silent boy who is bad in his skin unable to stop his reprints to spend time with his friends. One morning, while he seems better, Sami disappears. He left all his belongings …

Competition opened in 2016 in Berlin with a very beautiful Hedi, the freedom of the wind , who won the award for the best first movie, Mohamed Ben Attia returns with the second feature film on the same line. The Darling brothers were simultaneously produced together with whom he signed Weldi a new sensitive study on Tunisian society.

Yes Hedi was on the eve of the 2010-2011 jasmine revolution, Weldi a less open political issue for him. Although the Sami character still has a question to describe the disruption of Tunisian youth who could not project in the future. Except for the fact that Ben Attia accepts this father's, powerless person's opinion this time to help a son who does not understand existential discomfort. Beginner as a chronicler of the daily life of a regular Tunisian family Weldi When we understand the reasons why Sami left, the flesh and depth gradually increase, that his father will do everything to try and find.

Mohammed Ben Attia was also tempted by the clearness of his behavior and the precision of his eyes on issues that took his country. Always limiting, the new director never tries to add more by choosing to focus on the simple and moving personality (which once again confines to several non-professional actors) by touching the form of truth. It is precisely the destruction of these righteous and worthy characters that appear at the root without a clear explanation of politics and religion. To describe the poor state of the Tunisian society after the revolution that led to democracy, but unfortunately awakened Islamist fundamentalism …

Scenario and realization: Mohamed Ben Attia. Photo: Frédéric Noirhomme. Music: Omar Aloulou. Editing: Nadia Ben Rachid. Is Mohamed Dhrif, Mouna Mejri, Zakaria Ben Ayed, Imene Cherif … 1:44.

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