Monday , August 26 2019
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Weather forecast: Dry Thursday before a new snowfall

The snow will gradually leave our country in the northeast. But she will come back. And fast.

On Wednesday afternoon, before the evening's departure from the northeast, during the evening, the snow clearing area will be moved to Arden and Kempen. . Two to five cm of snow can still fall into the Ardenne before the drier and sunny weather.

Ardenne is expected to have 2 degrees Maxima, 0 degrees in the center of the country at 3 or 4 degrees by the sea, with moderate winds west to southwest along a fairly strong northwest coast. At night, freezing fog may form in places, and mercury in high feathers will reach up to -6 °. Hardened snow and ice patches will make roads slippery and dangerous, alerting MRI. The risk of freezing fog will remain on Thursday morning. This day usually needs to be dry, even with some sun rays and peaks around zero, + 1 ° in the center and west (-3 ° to the Ardennes height), before the night, a new snow area arrives from France.

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