Monday , March 1 2021

"We want to be the first team to win the League of Nations"

Adnan Januzai has returned to the Red Devils for the first time since the World Cup. For four months, he has been out of competition for three months. "I'm trying to find my rhythm 100%. The last two games I had for 90 minutes without problems"said Real Sociedad player at the press conference Tubize on Tuesday.

Janusz injured his way to the World Cup in Russia. He had not played for four months on his marvelous target for England. His return was at the end of October. The striker has since played four games (three in the league and one in the championship), who in the last two games played in Sevilla (0-0) and Levante (1-3) in seven minutes. "I had a problem with the side menus, but it took a long time"said Januzaj."I play four more games. I felt good, I had no problems. It was hard, but it's football. Okay, it happened at the beginning of the season, not at the end."

Although many players were guilty of the World Cup, Janusai could count on a certain freshness, given his long absence? "Fresh, I do not know, I've been hurt for four months. Okay, I played the last three games, first 60 minutes brought by Vigo (1-1, ed), then twice 90, but I stayed out for a long time. I'm trying to find my rhythm 100%. I had the last two games for 90 minutes without problems."

Janusz will open a new competition organized by the League of Nations, the UEFA. "We want to be the first team to win this competition. It would be good"smiled the striker midfielder.

And continue: "The group is convinced that we want to stay n ° 1 around the world"

Janusz was a very young manchester union who was "arrested"Anderlecht, where he was considered a precious Neerpede, but since then he is looking for stability, both the club and the national teams."This instability did not satisfy me, that's right. I played a lot in the club, I was a young player. Today I am 23 years old, it's time to be at the highest level. I feel more mature. I am happy to Real Sociedad. I wanted to play for a while. I feel good, it's a great championship, great players around me."

Januzai said he was no longer thinking of his goal against England: "this is the past, I look further and try to do everything possible."

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