Sunday , February 28 2021

"We lost the creative genius. Stan Lee was the leading force in the superhero world"

"Marvel and everything at Walt Disney Company congratulate Stan Lee on life and career and give her eternal gratitude for the incomparable achievements that he has created in their walls. Whenever you open a + comic book +, Stan will be thereSaid Marvel, from whom he was still an honorary chairman, in a statement.

"Stan Lee was as unusual as the characters he created. For truly superhero Marvel fans around the world, Stan was right to inspire, entertain and connect people.Says Bob Iger, chief executive of the Disney Group, who bought Marvel for $ 4 billion in 2009, allowing Stan Lee superheroes to become world cassette stars.

Celebrities from all walks of life, ranging from Governor of New York to the founder of Tesla, Elon Musk, honored him, indicating a huge impact on popular culture.

"Zev, give him his throne. Among the gods is now a real bossWritten by French cartoonist Joann Sfar Twitter.

Hugh jackman, who played Wolverine, the character of X-Men, in the cinema: "We lost the creative genius. Stan Lee was the leading force in the superhero world. I am proud that I have had a small part of his inheritance … and I have helped in the life of picking up one of his characters.(Stan Lee created the X-Men, but did not create Wolverine's character, note)

Mark Hamil, known for the interpretation of Lucas Skywalker in the "Star Wars" saga: "His contribution to pop culture has been revolutionary and can not be detained (completely). That was all that could be expected, and more. I loved this man and he would always be missed. It is said that no one should ever meet the idols of young people. This is false. "

Chris Evans, who played the Captain's American character in several Marvel Universe films: "Will never be Stan Lee yet. For decades, it has offered young people and elderly people an adventure, escape, comfort, trust, inspiration, endurance, friendship and joy. It gave a lot of love and kindness and left an indelible impression for many, many, many animals. Excelsior! " (the name is often used by Stan Lee)

Tom Hollandwho interpreted Peter Parker's role in the Spider-Man: Homecoming film: "How many millions of us owes this gentleman, nothing more than me. Marvel's father has made so many people incredibly happy. What is life and what success. Relax in peace, Stan. "

Robert Downey Jr.who played Iron Man in the cinema: "I owe you everything … Peace be upon you, Stan. "

Frank Miller, another great American comic book writer: "Annihilated after my friend Stan's death. I was inspired by my childhood, when I started, he was one of my mentors, really a nice man. I miss him very much. "

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