Monday , June 5 2023

Watch "Toni Erdmann", a movie divided into "Télérama" – on television


This Monday, November 12th, Arte from Maren Ade, a film that has not agreed with our critics, is available on the Channel Replay site until November 18th. What would you say?

we really like it TO

37-year-old German foreigner in Bucharest, Ines is a financial advisor. In preparation for complicated conversations, she is not able to appreciate the arrival of her father – his aged messenger, who appears like a gin out of his box, among his Romanian branded halls, the arrival of a "plum colored wig and fake prostheses … It will disturb, open the circus environment, social convention and triumphant liberalism …

Through them, Marens Ade takes us from the real world, talking about the modern world, and leaves us from unreliable regions, far from the various chains that hinder each of us. His film keeps all the surprises. Including this great burlesque moment with a strong symbolic content, in which Ines, unable to remove her too tight dress, is trying to get out of her depressing corsage: there are no more, female metamorphoses coming out of her cloves. – Jacques Morice

we do not likeAGAINST

Everything is unbalanced in this infinite thought. Walking – well, it's quickly said: there is none! Participants (the girl does not do enough and father, too much). Pigeon: we have the right to the old old pillow that our grandparents laughed. Worst of all is the case of vulgarity, especially when a hero is stripped of a cupcake in which her funny lover has just been sung. Nerdy and Puppets. – Pierre Murat

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