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Van Holsbeck interrupts the quiet Footgate scandal: "Mogi Bayat, this is Napoleon"


Lightweight euphemism to say that scandal Footgate For several weeks now, you have to destroy all the players around the kingdom.

As part of the exhibition TAB recordings (RTL-TVi) Christophe Debors was trying to find out this nebula based on corruption, game identification and money laundering. To accomplish this, the private channel journalist has compiled many heroic denominations that are still in place in this court and their curvatures are successful to each other.

And omerta turns out to be difficult to stop. Regardless of whether the chairman of the Belgian Football Union Gérard Linard or the President of the Federation's Arbitration Court Johan Verbist, they simply refused to speak during the investigation. With the help of Stefan Van Looka, press the Attaché of the Belgian Union, which does not hesitate to intervene physically to destroy the efforts of Debors. The same conclusion from Sébastien Delferière, who emphasizes "be in conditions I can not speak, the judge barred me from it, " or with Ivan Leko, who is silent on this matter.

By conditionally releasing Belgian rule and paying a deposit of 150,000 euros, Mogi Bayat is still a storm eye. But what about his little brother Mehdi Bayat, Managing Director of Sporting Charleroi? "My brother suffered a lot from this situation, he did not understand much of what happened to him. If you are arrested for 20 hours a day in a cell, you are in fact not ready for it. He is extremely brittle, weak … Mogi's big mouth, we know, is unrecognizable because it is trying to experience. "

Mehdi Bayat also explained the selling technique, which often pointed out. "I'm not saying that this is the way Mogi uses it, but I do not see where the damage is if the agent can sell the player by making more money to the club. "

As for the meaning of the luxury watch case in the eyes of his brother, he replies: "Since our childhood we have been shocked in this world because our father is a very long time collector. We grew up with two passions: football and watches. I think that the second one was put in a bad way. "

"SElons me, Mogi has never tried to install games "

Herman Van Holsbeeck also agreed to use this topical issue. "Without denying, we ultimately think we are big criminals ", calls the former Anderleht's strong. "I answered all questions with the inspectors. I was used for several months. I had to look in my house, it's really not a family family. After all, I was released without imposing anything. "

HVH then highlights a schedule of events to reveal Mogi Bayat's worry about the system. "I was released on April 4, 2018 and one of the first management decisions was: Bayat was not able to return to Neerpede. But some time later, when Spajić to Krasnodar, the transfer is managed by Mogi Bayat. Then Theodoric traveled to Udinese for 3.5 million, again thanks to Mogi. Mogi and "I, I and I"it's Napoleon. I defended her: let's live happily, hide our life. But he is his big mouth victim. Between Mogi and I have never had anything (Editors note: for fraudulent payments).He may have tried, like many, to pay less. But, in my opinion, he has never tried to install games. "

Another former leader also entrusted this report. For Roland Duchâtelet, Former Standard Boss, 2013-2014. The season is suspected of having special effects around Anderleht's title, but he does not have to laugh "Include in details". What Van Holsbeek answers: "He is a very frustrated person who has never won, but obtaining evidence is much more complicated."

About Mogi Bayat, Duchâtelet recalls "very ambitious and dynamic boy, but we have to dare to say that everything is in Charleroi. Who owns the club except Mehdi? ", says former president roll count 16 (NdlR: referring to the financial impact of Mogi during Sporting Charleroi when his brother has done things in the club at the club). The words that Mehdi Bayat strongly rejects: "There is a licensing commission that would have detected it long ago, if that were the case. It is strictly forbidden to see that a player's agent becomes a shareholder in a football club. "

An entrepreneur conducts and concludes: "It does not have the same speech with everyone … It's easy to do on paper. When we see the symbiosis between the actions of the two brothers … If we look at the situation of Mogi Bayat, who is probably the main owner of Sporting Charleroi, a player agent and consultant paid by Anderlecht … This is unthinkable in Spain or England! "

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