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Unbelievable heir, Prince Charles celebrates his 70th birthday (in pictures) – News

On Thursday, in an interview, the BBC's ex-Queen Elizabeth II's eldest son, who for the first time in the line of succession, defended his voice.

"It's not the same thing that would be the Welsh prince to be sovereign," he said. "And the idea that I can continue to act equally if I succeed (the queen) is completely absurd, because both situations are completely different," he added. "I'm not stupid"

In addition to the environment, architecture or agriculture, his favorite themes, he could also create titles engaging in the political arena, unlike his mother, who thoroughly avoided disputes.

In May 2014, he drastically compared Vladimir Putin with Adol Hitler, leading Russia to ask for official explanations. Similarly, his support for the Dalai Lama is bad for the Chinese authorities.

Mark Bolland, his former communications officer, Prince Charles sees himself as a "dissident" opposed to the prevailing political consensus.

"Do what's right"

Charles Philip George George Windsor was born on November 14, 1948, in Buckingham Palace, London. He became the heir to the throne at the same time as his mother became Queen Elizabeth II on February 6, 1952, when King George VI died.

More than 66 years later he has a record of longevity: never in the history of the British monarchy, a royal family member has so long been wearing the title of the bracket.

Courageous and sensitive boy, he was awarded the Welsh Prince's title in 1958 at the age of nine. As a teenager, he was sent to Gordonston, a rough boy boarding school on the edge of Scotland, who had already been taken by Prince Philip in the 1930s.

Prince Charles hates this period, which he later called "absolute hell."

In 1970, he became the first British royal family member to graduate from Cambridge University, where he studied archeology and anthropology.

He served in the middle of the British Navy from 1971 to 1976. While his mission in the Caribbean, his friend Camilla Shand married Andrew Parker Bowles, much of his frustration.

With a £ 7,500 compensation (about € 40,000 today) he gets when he leaves the army, he establishes a prince's trust, a charity organization that has announced that the 40th anniversary is associated with more than 825,000 young people in difficulty. birthday in 2016.

"I have always been taught to take care of others," says one who is guided by the enormous happiness he extracted from his Duchess of Cornwall. "I've always tried to do what's right for everyone."


Under the pressure of the royal family to find a wife, he married Diane Spencer, then at age 19, in February 1981, a few months after their relationship began.

Weddings are celebrated on July 29, St. Paul's Cathedral in London and celebrates the festivities.

The couple will have two children: William, born in 1982, and Harry, born in 1984. But the spouses were separated in 1992 and dissolved in 1996, while Charles had a case with Camilla Parker Bowles.

In 1997, when a car accident in Paris died in Diāna in 1997, Charles repatriated her body and insisted that her funeral receive all royal awards.

Regardless of the hostility of the public, Charles is gradually imposing Camilla on his side. He married his second wife on April 9, 2005.

The couple is taking on more and more responsibilities on behalf of Queen Elizabeth II, who has reduced her public performance by the age of 92.

Already Grandfather George, Charlotte and Luids, Prince William and his wife Keith's children, Prince Charles is about to take fourth grandchildren since the announcement of Pren Harry's pregnancy of a woman's Megan.

Their ecologist's activity is for them, he says on a regular basis that at some point they do not tell him: "Why did not you do anything?" (AFP)

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