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These superb bacteria that protect our skin: "Medium-sized soap with a large surface contains too many aggressive ingredients"

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Fighting Skin Problems with Good Life Bacteria … This is the idea of ​​the Belgian biotechnology launch YUN Probiotherapy.

YUN is a Belgian biotechnology company the world's first to successfully develop skin care products based on good living bacteria.

To do this, they use an innovative technology that fights harmful bacteria and fungi to restore the skin's natural balance. "Today we are trying to destroy all bacteria and sanitize our living spaces, which are not healthy at all, just like antibiotics that destroy everything because there are also superb bacteria that are positive, we will use them to fight bad bacteria that will achieve balance, to avoid skin problems.tells YUN scientific director Ingmar Claes

In addition, we find skin mycosis wherever it is hot and humid: bathrooms, swimming pools … and often we can't do anything to avoid them.

This is also apparent from the study: 63.6% of bathers have at least one variant of mycosis. Therefore, poor or raw skin mycosis can have real consequences. Treating the foot during mycosis and correctly avoids mycotic nails, which are much more difficult to treat.

It is therefore important to know what makes skin fungal infections and how to fight them, and especially to understand that not all bacteria are necessarily bad. "Good bacteria help keep your skin healthy and at the same time a natural barrier to external influences, so YUN Super bacteria can help protect, strengthen and restore skin balance."he continues.

According to him, a supermarket or even a specialized store's average soap often contains aggressive ingredients, either foam making or good odor. This creates a feeling of purity, but it also causes skin flora imbalance.

"Therefore, showering every day with aggressive antibacterial ingredients is not suitable for the skin, fungal infections are unsuccessful and bad bacteria can take over"details Ingmar Claes. In addition, YUN has developed new scientific methods to ensure that living probiotics remain active in products that are a major achievement in the fight against bacterial resistance and overuse of antibiotics.

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