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The unscrupulous accountant had kidnapped 350,000 euros

Different Facts

He had directed 350,000 euros to the detriment of the Belgian Catholic Guides (GCB) and the Orpea Nursing Group.

The Brussels Criminal Court on Wednesday ordered the forest accountant to impose a 38-month sentence for imprisonment of around 350,000 euros, to the detriment of the Belgian Catholic Guides (BCG) and the pavilion group. Orpea Relax. The Court ruled that allegations of counterfeiting, counterfeiting, misappropriation, fraud and breach of trust were found against the defendant, a 30-year-old accountant who was recognized.

In addition, he rejected the defense, which, as the main argument, claimed that the charge was inadmissible on the ground that banking secrecy had been breached during the investigation.

The judge took note of "height of misappropriated amounts " and "Persistence of the accused in a criminal offense". She emphasized the need to pronounce a sentence "discourage the accused from repetition"what "wasn't his first attempt."

Thus, she fined a 38-month probationary period and a fine of EUR 6,000 with a simple suspended sentence.

The defendant, who is now an accountant in a trust office and who is also a lecturer at Ifapme, was convicted that the total amount of money from 2013 to 2014 was around EUR 120,000. The prejudices of the Orpea Nursing Home Group. These were the amounts that had to be paid to the dead seniors for the elderly in this group.

He is also accused of the fact that, between 2012 and 2014, Belgian ABS has been crippled by Catholic guides for a total amount of approximately EUR 230 000 through false statements of expenditure and credit notes. There were 196 occasional notes.

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