Tuesday , October 4 2022

The political situation in Linkebeek is still blocked


Linkebeek has so far been futile in seeking public signature support for Allied Signatures. According to the list of LKB Samen ensembles led by Damien Thierry, the consultation meeting in the first half did not yield any results.

On October 14, Link & Venir, led by Yves Ghequière, won seven of the fifteen seats on the board, five seats on the Damon Thiéry LKB and three on Activ. Yves Ghequière lacks the signature to present his presentation.

More than two weeks ago, Link @ venir sent a letter asking candidates from the other two lists to submit a proposal.

Two days later, the list of bilingual assets indicated that she did not approve of the proposal to support the nomination of Yves Gehequiere for the same main reason: it was not a proposal for a constitution, but a request for the appointment of Yves Gehquier as the bourgmestre.

Echo was the same as the ensemble LKB Samen.

"At the moment, trust is less than zero"

According to Damien Thieri, the consultation meeting was held on Monday evening following a Link @ coming list initiative at the request of the Ensemble LKB Samen. On Tuesday, she said she had not received a concrete proposal to consider joint work and the smallest thread "restore confidence that is currently lower than zero"

"It is clear that, in addition to the request to support Mr Ghequière's statement as mayor, no specific proposal was added to one of the other two lists, in an attempt to resolve a situation that is never known to Linkebeek and whose entire responsibility relates to Link @ coming"said Damien Thiéry Tuesday.

He pointed out that, following various warnings of a campaign warning about the danger represented by the distribution of the French majority, he had received an order for inadmissibility in all his attempts to merge on the basis of a breach of confidence.

Mr Thiéry today calls for the "democratic understanding" of newly elected local councilors to be invited,By taking the promise to try one of the two lists, there is a deplorable method that does not encourage you to create the trust you need for healthy collaboration with Link @ coming. "

Together, Linkebeek Samen believes the Link @ coming list is revealed "I am unable to merge with one of the other two lists to get from this LinkedIn this surreal situation that she caused by herself".

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